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Top 3 Watchouts About The Young Living Income Disclosure

Young Living Income Disclosure

The Young Living Income Disclosure statement for 2016 revealed some interesting things if you are looking into the company from a part time or full time income opportunity. Make sure to read this post all the way until the end and watch the video too to learn more!

Young Living Income Disclosure


Did You Know?

When it comes to doing Young Living as a part time or full time business opportunity, there’s some information you need to know about how many people actually are making money and how long it takes them so you keep your expectations and statements realistic.


The Main Problem That We All Face

Would you like to know what the income opportunities are for Young Living? Would you like to see how that stacks up against doTERRA? Make sure to watch the video below and check out my other YouTube playlists on these topics to learn more. 


Top 3 Watchouts About Young Living Income Disclosure

1.) The first watchout is that is an “active” member is a member who made at least one product purchase in products in the previous 12 months in 2016. The average annual income for all members in this time was $25 and the median annual income for all members was $0.


2.) The second watchout is that 51% of all members who enrolled in 2015 did not make a purchase with Young Living in 2016.


3.) The final watchout is that 57% of all members who enrolled in 2014 did not continue with Young Living in 2016.


3 More Things To Keep In Mind

1.) The compensation paid to members summarized in the 2016 Young Living disclosure do not include expenses incurred by a member in the operation or promotion of his or her business, which can vary widely and might include advertising or promotional expenses, product samples, training, rent, travel, telephone and Internet costs, and miscellaneous expenses.


2.) The earnings of the members in the income disclosure were not necessarily representative of the income, if any, that a Young Living member can or will earn through the Young Living Compensation Plan.


3.) The Young Living figures should not be considered as guarantees or projections of your actual earnings or profits. Your success will depend on individual diligence, work, effort, sales skill, and market conditions.


In Summary

Young Living does not guarantee any income or rank success. I created a number of videos that covers the different ranks and each income associated with that as well so you can get the full scoop on what opportunities are available.


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