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Top 5 Mistakes That A Young Living Essential Oils Distributor Can Make

Young Living Essential Oils Distributor

What are the Top 5 mistakes that a Young Living Essential Oils Distributor can make? Do these apply to doTERRA reps too? Well I get a lot of comments on my YouTube channel so I wanted to touch on some of the patterns that I see to help educate people and create more self awareness. 

Young Living Essential Oils Distributor


Did You Know?

There’s a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to Young Living and doTERRA! When you mention the lawsuit, Seed to Seal, CPTG, or other topics it seems like it opens up a whole can of worms! 


The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know someone who is with Young Living or doTERRA? Would you like to learn about the top 5 mistakes that are made so you can avoid them in your own life? Make sure to watch the video below to learn how to do just that? 


Top 5 Mistakes That A Young Living Essential Oils Distributor Can Make

1.) When distributors are not aware of their presuppositions, cognitive dissonance, and confirmation bias


Presuppositions is when you take something for granted in advance. In other words, you are “right” and anything that I say that goes against that is “wrong.”


Cognitive dissonance is when a button or insecurity is pushed after holding two opposing beliefs in your head at the same time. In other words, “I am loyal to Young Living, but Lance stated a fact that makes me question that.”


Confirmation bias is when you unconsciously reference people, organizations, or studies that only support your own point of view.


2.) When some distributors overly praise Seed to Seal or mention that Young Living owns all or most of their own farms


Seed to Seal has limitations from a transparency standpoint when it comes the % of oils that are exclusive to Young Living, providing batch verification of testing quality, and knowing what % of farms are corporately owned or partner farms. I talk more about this in my Young Living VS doTERRA Lawsuit series as well.


3.) When distributors lump “doTERRA Reps” into one category (or put them in a box since it’s easier) to support their conclusion.


Yes doTERRA people are similar in that we love oils but we are not the same. First of all, I’m vegan, male, Korean, and black. Those facts alone make me a minority in doTERRA.


We are passionate about using oils, but lumping people in a category because it’s easier is not treating things on a case by case basis isn’t wise. I try not to throw the baby out with the bath water just because I had one bad experience.


4.) When distributors do company bashing based on hearsay and half truths (like in the Court trials of doTERRA vs Young Living and the “reporting” that both sides do without citing their sources)


There’s a lot of company bashing that can go on and that’s definitely not my intent. I provide fact based information and some commentary. The commentary is my opinion, but highlights things in a real way that may or may not sit well with some people.


5.) When distributors can focus way more on the Young Living business opportunity over understanding needs and helping people with products and education.


This is done when people don’t have the “Eric Worre style” of training under their belt and can lead to a more traditional way of doing network marketing where people are just in “Recruit and sell” mode.



In Summary

Are doTERRA distributors guilty of any of these “mistakes” above? Sure! Heck, am “I” guilty of any of these? Yes! But awareness and honesty are key, especially since I get so many comments on my YouTube channel where I see consistent patterns in thinking (aka group think). 



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