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The Untold Truth About Young Living Essential Oils And Founder Gary Young

The Untold Truth About Young Living Essential Oils And Founder Gary Young

What is the truth when it comes to Young Living Essential Oils and its Founder Gary Young? There’s a lot of misinformation and half truths out there, but it’s time you heard the cold hard facts so you can make a more educated decision.

The Untold Truth About Young Living Essential Oils And Founder Gary Young

Did You Know?

Young Living has been around since 1994 but there has been a lot of history before then with their founder Gary Young, which puts more current events into perspective and even hints as to why they happened. 

The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know someone that is for, against, or on the fence about Young Living or even doTERRA? Would you like to be able to learn about the history in a more fact based way that doesn’t just spread around more half truths and hearsay? Make sure to watch the video below all the way until the end to learn the TRUTH once and for all!

The Untold Truth About Young Living Essential Oils And Founder Gary Young

1950: Gary Young was born in 1950* and grew up in Idaho (*Update: 1949)

1967: At the age of 17, Gary moved to Canada* to pursue a career in logging and ranching (*Update 1: Original webpage removed by owner, Update 2: Search by year on Gary’s website).

1974: At the age of 24, Gary suffered a near–fatal logging accident* that left him in a coma for three weeks. He was left paralyzed and went through depression as well (*Update 1: Original webpage removed by owner, Update 2: Search by year on Gary’s website).

1977: Three years after his logging accident, Gary began to regain feeling in his toes* and legs and eventually regained complete feeling and mobility and could walk again (*Update 1: Original webpage removed by owner, Update 2: Search by year on Gary’s website).

1980: Gary attended Maher Institute but dropped out after only taking a few classes, doing about a third of the homework, and owed them $1,880 in tuition (which he denied). [Source: Clark A4]

1981: Gary was unsuccessful in an underwater birth attempt with his previous wife, Donna in Colville, WA. Gary was warned by Deputy Prosecutors and Case Workers to not continue and so he backed off and the child was born another way instead.

1982: On September 4th, Gary’s previous wife, Donna was pregnant again and the birth was carried out in the whirlpool bath of Young’s eastside estate in Spokane, WA. Sadly, the child did not survive the underwater birthing process (Update: Baby’s death determined to be accidental).

Late County Coroner, Louis Shanks stated, “It was a perfectly normal, healthy looking girl. There’s no reason why she should not have lived.” [Source Clark A4]

1983: Gary’s behavior triggered an investigation and an undercover policewoman approached Gary about performing an underwater birth [Source Clark A4] and ruled accidental. 

Gary declined and offered to handle the woman’s prenatal care for $700, provide alternative treatments for her mother who was going through cancer, and provide blood samples and interpret them as well. [Source Clark A4]

1983: On March 7th, Gary was arrested and pleaded guilty to a gross misdemeanor conviction for practicing medicine without a license. However, no criminal charges were issued.

1983: Gary received an outstanding bench warrant (which he denied knowing about) for failure to comply with the terms of his probation (i.e. 60 day suspended sentence, $250 fine, and 1 year probation)

1982–1988: In Tijuana, Mexico, Gary Young studied biochemistry*, hematology, anatomy, and chemistry, among other subjects under the guidance of four medical doctors (*Update: Original webpage removed by owner).

Gary founded the Rosarita Beach Clinic as well, which focused on alternative treatments for patients.

1985: Gary received his master’s degree in nutrition*. Young then went on to earn his doctorate in Naturopathy from Bernadean University (*Update: Original webpage removed by owner).

1986: An investigative report by the Los Angeles Times tested the efficacy of Gary’s Rosarita clinical diagnosis, so a reporter submitted cat and chicken blood to a clinic employee who failed to determine that the samples were non-human, and further diagnosed that the “patient” had an aggressive form of cancer and liver disease.

1989-1992: One of the Young Life Clinic’s previous staff members, Dr. Sherman P. Johnson pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the death a woman he was treating for cancer.

1990-1994: In France, Gary studied the process of distilling essential oils (*Update 1: Original webpage removed by owner, Update 2: Search by year on Gary’s website).

1994: Gary founded Young Living Essential oils.

1994: On September 3rd, Gary married Mary, then flew to an essential oil conference in Grasse, France, which doubled as their honeymoon.

2000: Young traveled to China to study the Ningxia Wolfberry and its health benefits (*Update 1: Original webpage removed by owner, Update 2: Search by year on Gary’s Website).

2000: A Young Living facility in Payson, Utah incurred 11 OSHA violations, totaling $8,930, and 1 employee was killed after being struck in the head with the lid of a pressure steamer.

2005: The Young Life clinic settled a lawsuit with a patient who claimed that infusions of Vitamin C had caused renal failure, almost killing her. As a result, Gary closed the Utah clinic and opened one in Ecuador instead.

2007: David Stirling (former Young Living COO) was fired in August 2007 and Emily Wright quit a month later after Young Living’s unequal and discriminatory pay for women, the diminishing quality of many of Young Living’s essential oils and Young Living’s relentless pressure to lie about the output of the Young Living farms to prop up the emerging Seed to Seal marketing scheme.

2014: FDA issued Young Living a warning, noting that the health claims for their products “cause(s) them [the essential oils] to be drugs… because they are intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease.”

2015: Gary stepped down as CEO of Young Living so his Wife could take over. Gary said he wanted “to focus his time on family and various philanthropic and civic initiatives.”

2016: Young Living’s cinnamon bark oil (a big part of the Thieves Blend) was submitted to an independent lab by a longtime member and user, and concluded that it had been adulterated with synthetic cinnamaldehyde.

2017: On June 22nd, after five years of defending baseless allegations by Young Living, all charges against doTERRA and its defendants were dismissed.

2017: On September 18th, Young Living was fined $760,000 by the U.S. Department of Justice for illegally sourcing spikenard oil since 2014 and Rosewood oil since 2010 and violated the Lacey Act.

2017: In response to some of the facts above, Krystal Trammell wrote a blog post documenting her experience and why she ultimately left Young Living.

2018: It was announced by new President and CEO, Jared Turner that Gary Young passed away on May 12, 2018 due to complications from a series of strokes at the age of 68.

2019 and beyond: ???

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