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Top 6 Essential Oils For Babies ?


These essential oils for babies are a gentle and natural way to help improve their quality of life as they grow up!



Did You Know?

These are some convenient, pre-diluted, roll on options that address your baby’s emotions and health priorities in an all natural way!


The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know someone that has a baby that cries a lot or could use something natural to help calm them down? Would you like something that could usher them from a traumatic experience to a more happy one? These roll ons are just what you need then!


Top 6 Essential Oils For Babies

1.) Cheer Touch: Promotes feelings of optimism, cheerfulness, and happiness especially when babies are feeling sad.


2.) Peace Touch: Promotes feelings of peace, reassurance, and contentment when babies need to simmer down.


3.) Lavender Touch: This is great to help calm and relax a baby that is going through a lot of stress or when it’s bed time.


4.) DigestZen Touch: This helps with relieving upset stomach, bloating, gas, or baby toot, lol.


5.) Breathe Touch: This is great to apply to the chest area or reflex points on the bottoms of the feet or palms of the hand. It helps to open their airways and breathe like nobody’s business!


6.) On Guard Touch: This is an amazing immunity booster and can help babies stay protected from environmental and seasonal threats.


These Essential Oils Go Best With

1.) Petal Diffuser: This 4 hour diffuser is great for the bedroom, living room, or kitchen and can help your child with their mind, mood, and memory!


2.) Aroma Lite Diffuser: This is an awesome 8 hour diffuser that uses ultrasonic technology to clean the air and uplift the mood.


3.) PB Assist Jr: This is a great probiotic powder that can be added to the babies water, almond milk, coconut milk, or right on their tongue to build up the beneficial bacteria in their gut.


In Summary

Babies can go through a lot of emotional stress as they are going through life, which can include their need for food, a mother’s milk, attention and love, and going to the bathroom on themselves. The good news is that essential oils can help them as they go on the emotional rollercoaster that follows those events!


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