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Top 5 Essential Oils For Stress


Using essential oils for stress is a great natural solution for being more proactive about this area of our life that we all experience but don’t always deal with the best.


Did You Know?

Stress is the body’s response to difficult, pressured, or worrisome circumstances and is like an indicator light in your car. The key is to manage stress in healthier ways since we can’t prevent it from happening.


The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know some that has anxious feelings? Would you like a better way to support your immune system, digestion, and reproductive system when stress starts to hit you like a ton of bricks? These oils can help!


Top 5 Essential Oils For Stress

1.) Chemical Stress: Rosemary is good for promoting a healthy respiratory function, healthy digestion, and reducing nervous tension and occasional fatigue.


2.) Emotional Stress: Clary Sage is great for soothing menstrual cycle symptoms, proving a restful sleep, balancing hormones, and promoting healthy hair & scalp.


3.) Environmental Stress: Bergamot is amazing for calming your heightened emotions down, soothing yourself, and promoting self acceptance.


4.) Mental Stress: Lavender is super for calming and relaxing, and can help with the appearance of skin imperfections, and soothe skin irritation as well.


5.) Performance Stress: Grapefruit is awesome for motivation, promoting a healthy metabolism, and has a uplifting aroma


These Essential Oils Go Best With

1.) Managing Expectations: The gap between your expectations and reality is frustration, and frustration leads to stress. Once of the best ways to manage stress is to have realistic expectations of yourself and others.


2.) Exercise: Exercise can help you release endorphins which is the “make you feel good” hormone which is great to counteract the feelings of stress.


3.) Breathing exercises: This is a great way to slow your heart rate down and get more oxygen to your cells and brain. I like to breathe in slowly from 4 seconds, hold my breath for 2 seconds, then breathe out slowly for about 5 seconds out my mouth.


In Summary

These essential oils are great at reducing stress since they address the main types of stress and some essential oils that directly affect your limbic part of your brain (controls your mood).


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