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Best Essential Oils For Dogs


There’s some great essential oils for dogs that allow you to feel more empowered about their health and yours too!


Did You Know?

Essential oils can be used for dogs in much of the same way as humans and is great natural alternative to using synthetics! Just make sure to dilute and use smaller amounts depending on their size and age.


The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know someone that has a dog and is using costly synthetics to manage their health priorities? Would you like natural solutions for your dog that are safe, effective, and affordable? Well there’s some great oils that they can use!


Top 5 Tips For Essential Oils For Dogs

1.) Amount: Dogs tolerate oils well, but use tinier amounts for sensitive skin, smaller dogs, and puppies


2.) Dilute: Use fractionated coconut oil for hotter oils to reduce chance of irritation and to help with absorption


3.) Location: Apply oils topically in between toes, on the pad of the foot, or to the ears (not in the canal though)


4.) Frequency: Oils do not build up in the system like synthetics do. Reapply every 1-2 hours for things that just pop up


5.) Watchouts: Dogs prefer certain aromas like humans do. Avoid melaleuca for cats, and if oils get in the eyes, flush with milk as needed


Other Oils That Are Great For Dogs

1.) Purify oil blend: You can easily make a Smell Good doggy spray with this oil blend that cleans the air and supports a healthy immune system too!


2.) DigestZen oil blend: This is great to use on your dogs stomach if they aren’t feeling too well. Diluting with fractionated coconut oil would be the safest bet.


3.) Breathe oil blend: This would be great to use in a diffuser if there’s something going around in the air and you to provide some extra immunity for your dog and home.


In Summary

You can use a number of essential oils for dogs depending on what their health priorities are. The key is to look at what you want to solve for an find an essential oil that best meets their needs.


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