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How To Handle Essential Oil Haters (Part 2)

essential oil haters part 2

When it comes to essential oil haters, I’ve almost heard every objection in the book, but am alway open to giving a reasonable response regardless if the other person agrees with it or not. It’s about truth and understanding, not trying to win a peeing contest!

essential oil haters part 2


Did You Know?

Essential oil haters don’t consider themselves that title and don’t want you to confuse that concept with their disagreement on the effectiveness or use of essential oils. To them, they are just giving their opinion and correcting an oil fanatic who has stepped “out of bounds.”


The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know someone that has hated on essential oils? Do you doubt the effectiveness or use of essential oils as a viable solution yourself? Make sure to watch the video below to learn more about how I handled this person!


Main Concepts To Consider

1.) Presuppositions Rule the Day
Definition: to suppose or assume beforehand; take for granted in advance. In other words, they are “right” and anything you say that goes against that is “wrong.”


This is the fundamental principle at work in all discussions, arguments, and debates and the more self aware you are, the better you can be more objective and acknowledge biases.


2.) Progression: Hater to Frienemy to Fan. I used to be a skeptic myself until I 1.) got educated 2.) tried multiple oils to get my experience on and 3.) replaced what was in my house with natural solutions. Once the oils help you with something, they can become your go to solution. The key is to not give up on them too soon or jump to conclusion before you get all your facts and experiences straight.


Top 2 Comments From This Particular Person

1.) Person: “Of course you’re going to say your oils are the best, you’re a ‘sales person’ for the company!”


My Answer: I believe in service over sales. It’s about understanding what people are going through and providing natural solutions when they are ready. Education is at the heart of everything I do so “sales” doesn’t come up until people want to buy a solution that I’m offering.


2.) Person: “Do you have any testimonials of how the oils work better than other products?”


My Answer: Yes, once you become a customer, there’s a number of private facebook groups with thousands of testimonials and Q&A.


Note: The meat of their question was left out because it was more of a rant, but the fundamental issue they had was establishing the credibility of essential oils as a viable solution for their health over traditional health practices and products that you see on TV.


In Summary

I understand people have doubts about products that come from someone that offers them for “sale” but what you have to realize that word of mouth marketing is the oldest and most effective way that products have been sold since the beginning of the trade and barter system.


Moreover, “hating” on essential oils just because you don’t like or understand them or the business model that a company uses is focusing on a problem that doesn’t exist and should have more of a solution focus that is rooted in actually trying multiple products out until you find something that works for you!


You do that by identifying your health priorities and looking for solutions that solve your problems naturally with someone that you know, like, and trust.


What Are My Next Steps?

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