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Fascinating doTERRA VS Young Living Comments (Part 1)

doterra vs young living comments part 1

The doTERRA VS Young Living saga continues with a comment that I got from one of my YouTube Videos. Make sure to watch the video below to get all the juicy details!

doterra vs young living comments part 1


Did You Know?

I get a lot of interesting comments and they are a great way for me to address people’s thoughts and concerns in a reasonable way and to help build awareness to other people as to what I go through on a daily basis.


The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know someone that has given a piece of their mind about doTERRA or Young Living? Would you like to learn more about how each company actually operates from a more fact based approach? Make sure to watch the video below to learn more!


Shannon Fleming’s Original Comment

“You didn’t give a single fact about YL other than the location of the convention. If you are comparing two companies being biased removes the ethical dividing line of your opinion. If you really want to compare the two than do a fair assessment. I don’t simply mean their location but learn about the founding of each, about the way they source their oils, go to the farms (if they are open to the public- YL is…you can go in Sept), look at the labs, and how they treat their members and customers…Compare the history, the products, the distribution, the vision statement and how it is implemented, compare the comp plans, the global reach and growth….If you can’t give a fair impartial review of the two, you should just call it “what I know about Doterra’s convention”. You sell yourself and your audience short otherwise.”


My Responses

1.) I created a playlist with more information. It’s a lot easier to break up the content into individual parts and plan for future content based on questions and demand then to make a 4+ hour video with “everything” that most people wouldn’t watch all the way through.


2.) This was just an overview video. Pretty much the same point as above, but I’ll just add that knowing when, where, and that both conventions exist does add value to the audience that didn’t know otherwise and more awareness is always good in my book even if you only attend one convention each year.


In Summary

Some valid points were made, but this comes down to making sure we have all the facts, accurate facts, and that we are interpreting both of those accurately in order to come to an accurate conclusion about anything. Accuracy and being fact based with the information that is available should always be the main focus.


What Are My Next Steps?

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