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doTERRA Douglas Fir Essential Oil Uses

doterra douglas fir essential oil

doTERRA douglas fir essential oil has 3 great uses when it comes to breathing better, purifying the skin, and boosting focus and clarity. 

doterra douglas fir essential oil


Did You Know?

The douglas fir tree is a conifer that grows throughout North America and is frequently used in the Christmas tree industry.


The Main Problem That We All Face

Have you ever had trouble breathing, skin blemishes, or a cranky pants mood moment? Douglas fir oil has 3 great uses that can address these health priorities.


Top 3 Uses Of Douglas Fir Essential Oil

1.) Promotes clear breathing and open airways: Place 2-3 drops of douglas fir with 2-3 drops of any citrus oil in a 8 hour diffuser for a refreshing aroma that puts a smile on your face. 🙂Douglas Fir Essential Oil


2.) Helps to cleanse and purify the skin: Add 1 drop to a facial cleanser, bar of soap, or body wash for added cleansing benefits and an invigorating aroma.


3.) Helps to boost mood and focus: Inhale directly from the bottle to get a sudden boost of clarity and focus right when you need it the most. Beats those synthetic car air fresheners any day!


Douglas Fir Essential Oil Blends Best With

1.) Citrus oils: Combining wild orange, lemon, or bergamot with douglas fir oil is amazing. It has a very uplifting and refreshing scent.


2.) Hot cocoa: Who couldn’t use a hot cup of this awesomeness when smelling the evergreen tree in a bottle. Sorry, pajamas and fireplace aren’t included.


3.) Opening presents: If this oil doesn’t remind you of Christmas, I don’t know what will! 😉


In Summary

Douglas fir oil comes from the evergreen tree and has more uses than a fancy ornament holder at Christmas time. It helps to clear airways, boost mood, and clear up skin impurities as well.


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