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Is It Safe To Be Taking Essential Oils Internally?

Taking Essential Oils Internally

Taking essential oils internally should be done with caution. Quality and potency are two things that should be considered.

Did You Know?

Most essential oil companies use alcohol solvents to extract oils for plants because it’s quicker and cheaper, but is a lower quality product.


The Main Problem That We All Face

Toxic ingredients and allergic reactions to foods and products is a real issue for many people, yet the education on how to navigate through all this seems to be in short supply. There are 3 things to look for when taking essential oils internally.


3 Things To Look For When Taking Essential Oils Internally

1.) FDA approved for internal use: This is important since although the essential oil industry is unregulated, at least there’s a government stamp of approval on the internal use of the product.Taking Essential Oils Internally


2.) Choosing the right brand: There are many brands out there and most are not approved for internal use (since it says it on the bottle). You’ll want to choose a brand that is focused on the highest quality.


3.) Certified pure essential oils: The  brand I use does 5 different tests on the oils by a 3rd party to ensure the highest quality and this gives me extra peace of mind


What I’ve Learned From Taking Essential Oils Internally

1.) The essential oils I use have helped me out a lot: I use essential oils all the time in my water, smoothies, and lick peppermint straight from the top of my hand and have had amazing benefits like a clearer mind and a boosted immune system.


2.) Potency should be considered but not be a deal breaker: There was a holistic practitioner that I heard speak at an event once and she said that essential oils should not be taken internally due to the potency.


This would only be true if the person using it misapplied it or was allergic to the plant.


In Summary

The quality of the essential oil you are using is of utmost importance since having it approved by the FDA for internal use is just a minimum standard.


What Are My Next Steps?

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