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doTERRA Bergamot Essential Oil Uses

doterra bergamot essential oil

doTERRA bergamot essential oil can be both calming and energizing because it helps to uplift your mood. It also promotes feelings of self acceptance and self-worth. I love using this oil for a morning lift!

doterra bergamot essential oil


Did You Know?

Bergamot essential oil was used in the first eau de cologne and is used to flavor Earl Grey tea. Talk about an interesting multi-purpose use! 😉


The Problems We All Face

Have you ever had a problem with your energy levels or experience high amounts of stress? Bergamot essential oil has some very uplifting, assuring, and restoring uses and benefits.



Top 3 Bergamot Essential Oil Uses & Benefits

1.)  Energizing: Diffuse this oil or inhale directly from the bottle for a more uplifting and refreshing take on life.bergamot essential oil


2.) Promotes feelings of self acceptance: Apply this oil topically under your wrists or breathe in from your hands to support feelings of being comfortable in your own skin.


3.) Calming: Stress is not preventable, but this oil can help reduce stress levels when you apply it topically to the back of your neck, bottoms of your feet, or diffuse it.


Bergamot Essential Oil Blends Well With

1.)  Ylang Ylang essential oil: Ylang Ylang is one of those flowerly oils that offers such a unique smell and reminds me of my grandma’s perfume. When combined with bergamot, it takes me back in time!


2.) Lavender essential oil: I love lavender for its subtle sweet smell that really puts you in the right mood for relaxation. When combined with bergamot, it’s like a match made in heaven!


3.) Patchouli essential oil: This is a little bit of an acquired smell at first, but pairs up nicely with bergamot when diffused.


Wrapping Everything Up

I love citrus oils so much! This oil is less common, but offers the ability to stabilize your emotions very effectively and is great for use in aromatherapy.


What Are My Next Steps?

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