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doTERRA Birch Essential Oil Uses

doterra birch essential oil

doTERRA birch essential oil has many different uses including relief for muscle aches and emotional balance. 

doterra birch essential oil


Did You Know?

Birch is used to make root beer. What’s really interesting is that diffusing Wintergreen essential oil and the Invigorating blend also smells just like root beer too!


The Health Problems We All Face

Have you ever been sore after a workout or just have achy joints in general? Birch essential oil provides a nice pick-me-up in the areas of healthy inflammatory response and aromatherapy. What’s nice is that you don’t have to “bark” up the wrong tree to get this one. 😉


Top 3 Birch Essential Oil Uses And Benefits

1.) Soothes muscles and joints: You can apply birch topically with a fractionated coconut oil for best results. The carrier oil helps to reduce chance of irritation and absorb the essential oil deeper into the tissues.birch essential oil


2.) Maintains healthy circulation: Using a hot compress technique with a carrier oil and birch oil is really effective for circulation. This is especially true when you work it into the tissues with a hand massage.


3.) Invigorating aroma: My nostrils get an immediate lift off when I breathe in birch. It influences, opens, and elevates my sensory system like nobody’s business! 😀


Birch Essential Oil Blends Well With

1.) Peppermint essential oil: Good ole peppy! I can’t tell you how many times I use peppermint each day, but it’s a lot! Using birch oil with peppy adds an awesome woody and minty pizazz to my day! 🙂


2.) Lavender essential oil: Lavender is my go to oil when I need to calm my nerves or relax a little bit before bed. Combining this oil with birch has an amazing aroma.


3.) Cypress essential oil: Cypress has a very lively, clean, and energizing scent that goes well with the birch. It’s like there’s a forest party in my room every time those two get together!


In Summary

Birch essential oil has many awesome benefits. It’s great for relieving the connective tissues and muscles from an injury and can also relieve occasional muscle aches. This oil has helped me look at the bark on trees in a new way (the oil from it anyway)!


What Are My Next Steps?

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