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doTERRA Basil Essential Oil Uses

doterra basil essential oil

doTERRA basil essential oil supports adrenal glands, helps with ear discomfort, and flavors food. You can also use basil oil in pasta sauce and other savory dishes (Note: Certified Pure Essential Oils Only).


doterra basil essential oil

Basil Essential Oil

Did You Know?

Basil essential oil has some of the most applications of all the oils? Basil comes from the Greek root word meaning, “King.” In fact, Ancient Greeks once believed it opened the gateways into heaven! How’s that for an herbal solution?


The Problems We All Face

Have you ever had low or no energy, ear discomfort, or stomach upset? You’re not alone. Basil essential oil offers some natural solutions for these health priorities and is safer, less expensive, and often times more effective than synthetic alternatives.


Top 4 Basil Essential Oil Uses & Benefits

1.) Relieves Occasional Exhaustion: When you’re energy gets zapped, so does your desire to do anything else. This is becoming more and more common with people, but basil oil offers a natural solution that is worth trying.


2.) Helps with Adrenal Glands: When your adrenals get overused, it can make you feel like all your motivation for doing anything magically disappeared. Getting this aspect of your body back into balance is not easy, but natural solutions offer a better long term strategy.


3.) Minimizes Ear Discomfort: This is no fun. The good news is that the outside of the ear is a good reflexology touch point and can go to different parts of your body upon application. Your body is amazing! 😉


4.) Helps with alertness: Basil is a great oil for alertness since it raises your vibrational frequency and stimulates your body’s electrical system. How’s that for being “positive!?”


Basil Essential Oil Blends Well With

1.) Lime essential oil: Lime is very good for respiratory support and can also help with occasional throat irritation. I love using lime and lemon oil in my waters as well for additional cleansing benefit (Note: Certified Pure Essential Oils Only).


2.) Peppermint essential oil: Peppermint is amazing for alertness, focus, helping with digestion, and relieving occasional head tension. I love to do Peppermint licks from the top of my hand as a mint and gum replacer too! (Note: Certified Pure Essential Oils Only).


3.) Bergamot essential oil: I love this oil for it’s ability to energize and uplift my mood. It compliments basil really well and is an oil that just makes your day that much brighter! 😀


In Summary

There’s a ton of uses for basil. I love to use in savory dishes including: soups, pastas, pasta sauce, salad dressings, and tons of other tasty recipes.


What’s Next For Me?

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