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doTERRA Arborvitae Essential Oil Uses

doterra arborvitae essential oil

doTERRA arborvitae essential oil is great for cleansing, immune support, and seasonal relief. I love using this oil to boost my immune system and for providing additional support.

doterra arborvitae essential oil


Did You Know?

Arborvitae trees can live for well over 800 years. Arborvitae literally means “Tree of Life!” 😀


Problems We All Face

Have you ever wondered if there was a Natural Solution for some of the issues you were going through? The Arborvitae tree not only can live a really long time, but it has a long list of uses that can help your body in a number of ways.


Top 4 Arborvitae Essential Oil Uses & Benefits

1.) Skin issues: Apply topically or diffuse to address skin issues through natural cleansing. Proper diet and using essential oils helps a lot.Arborvitae Essential Oil


2.) Immune Support: Apply topically with fractionated coconut oil to the bottoms of your feet for an immune system boost. Fractionated coconut oil is liquid below 76 degrees and helps with absorption.


3.) Seasonal Relief: Apply topically with fractionated coconut oil to chest for seasonal relief. The fractionated coconut oil helps reduce chance of irritation as well.


4.) Maintain skin health: Use arborvitae oil to help maintain proper skin health and cleanse your pores as well. Make sure to always dilute with a carrier oil though.



Arborvitae Essential Oil Blends Well With

1.) Cedarwood essential oil: Helps with attention issues, rashes, and anxious feelings. Such a woodsy aroma that makes me like like I’m in a forest soaking it all in. 🙂


2.) Frankincense essential oil: Good ole frankie helps with reducing inflammatory response, mood balancing, and DNA support. I love frankie and use it everyday on the bottoms of my feet!


3.) Birch essential oil: Helps with Connective tissue & muscle injuries, and joint health. Birch is only offered once a year so it’s good to get it while you can!


Everything In A Nutshell

This oil has a very woody, majestic, and strong scent that really helps your body in a unique way. It’s main uses are aromatically and topically.


Emotional balance and meditation are some of the oils additional benefits.



What’s Next For Me?

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