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Young Living VS doTERRA Lawsuit Outcome

young living vs doterra lawsuit outcome

The Young Living vs doTERRA lawsuit has created quite a bit of controversy since 2012 when a video was released by Gary Young and since then been taken down. 

young living vs doterra lawsuit outcome


Did You Know?

On June 22nd, the Young Living VS doTERRA lawsuit outcome was revealed by the Salt Lake City, Utah court and dropped ALL 13 allegations that Young Living made against doTERRA due to a lack of evidence. This cleared doTERRA and the four other individuals in the trial of any wrongdoing and can now put all the controversy and company bashing to rest since the truth has been revealed. 


The Main Problem That We All Face

Have you heard a lot of “smack” being talked by the Young Living or doTERRA side? Would you like to know the TRUTH about what happened from the ruling that the Provo, Utah court issued? Make sure to watch the videos below to learn more about EXACTLY what happened so you can make an informed decision going forward. 


Young Living VS doTERRA Lawsuit Outcome (Part 1)


Young Living VS doTERRA Lawsuit Outcome (Part 2)


Young Living VS doTERRA Lawsuit Outcome (Part 3)


Young Living VS doTERRA Lawsuit Outcome (Part 4)


Young Living VS doTERRA Lawsuit Outcome (Part 5)


Young Living VS doTERRA Lawsuit Outcome (Part 6)


Young Living VS doTERRA Lawsuit Outcome (Part 7)


Young Living VS doTERRA Lawsuit Outcome (Part 8)


Top 6 Factors To Consider (Knowns vs Unknowns)
1.) Corporately Owned Farm % Of Total: The Seed To Seal website does not list the exact % although it does list farms and plants that come from them. It is unclear the percent of Corporately owned farms based on the trial outcome and their website doesn’t clearly show that information either. doTERRA doesn’t own any of their farms, they partner with growers instead as a part of their business model.


2.) Corporate Farm Volume % Of Total: This is the crux of one of the issues in the trial since this percentage is also unclear based on the trial outcome, court transcripts, and Seed To Seal website. This number is closer to 1% based on what Dave Stirling (Former COO of Young Living) said under oath in the trial, but this percentage would need full transparency and verification from Young Living in order for Seed To Seal to be taken seriously based on what they say on their websites. doTERRA doesn’t own any of their farms, so this also would be zero percent.


3.) Partnership Farm Volume % of Total: Because we don’t know what percent of the volume is being produced by Corporately owned farms, this number is still in question. Based on the previous statement above, it would be more like 99% of the volume of oils coming from partner farms, but this would need full transparency and verification from Young Living in order for the Seed To Seal program to be taken seriously as well. This number is 100% for doTERRA since they source 100% of the oil volume from growers around the world and don’t own any of their farms.


4.) Essential Oil Exclusivity % Of Total: Because we don’t know any of the info from Young Living in the above factors, this is also unclear and in question. This is important since you want to know that a 80+% of the oils being produced by partner farms are NOT also being sold to competitors or other oil companies to keep the quality and competitive advantage strong. doTERRA has 84% exclusivity with their partner growers and this creates a more transparent culture of what’s really happening from a sourcing and quality standpoint.


5.) Verify Bottle Batch Number For Quality: Young Living does not offer the ability to verify the batch number on their bottles on their website so you can see how the tests turned out. If they did, then the single oils could be compared apples to apples with doTERRA and then you could clearly verify which companies quality is the best based on the ideal chemical constituent profile, Young Living’s results, and doTERRA’s results. doTERRA offers this ability on the Source To You website which creates more transparency for the end user.


6.) Fair Trade Wages For All Stakeholders: This was a hot button topic in the trial since Emily Wright was being paid HALF as much as her male counterparts when she worked for Young Living as a Corporate Executive. If equal pay for equal work was a priority for Young Living and Gary Young at that time, then she would have #1 gotten paid a fair wage compared to her male counterparts and #2 Dave would not have been fired for trying to help her. doTERRA is passionate about give a fair trade wage to all stakeholders from Corporate employees to the farmers they partner with, which you can see on their Source To You website. 


In Summary

With the trial closed and the verdict issued that doTERRA was innocent of any wrongdoing, the next issue at hand is the top 6 factors mentioned above. You want to work with, buy from, and ultimately be a part of a company that is focused on transparency, equal pay for equal work, and telling the TRUTH at all times from the Founder(s) since leadership and culture trickles down. doTERRA was and continues to be that company for me and I’m glad to be a part of such a high integrity and quality focused company. 


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