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Top 3 Steps To Becoming A doTERRA Wellness Advocate

doterra wellness advocate

Finding a doTERRA Wellness Advocate is all about working with someone that you know, like, and trust online or locally. Becoming a Wellness Advocate builds on that depending on where you are at in your wellness journey. 

doterra wellness advocate


Did You Know?

Most people who get a wholesale membership with doTERRA become a wholesale customer to get their oils at a discount. Other people who want to earn part time or full time income over time can become a Wellness Advocate.


The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know someone that would like to find a doTERRA Wellness Advocate? Would you like to become a Wellness Advocate and learn what that entails? Make sure to watch the video below to learn more about those options. 


Top 3 Steps To Becoming A doTERRA Wellness Advocate

1.) Step 1: Get Started With Kit

– Do your research BEFORE enrolling. It’s important to go with someone that you know like and trust.


– Waives your wholesale membership fee. A kit saves a lot of money and is the most popular way for people to get started.


– Saves you the most money over retail. Retail is good if you want to get oils and not save money. Wholesale is the best way to save money over time.


– Prepares you for life’s little emergencies (#Goals: Super User). A kit is the best way to be prepared for life’s little emergencies and and have natural solutions within arm’s reach.


2.) Step 2: Get Committed
– Enroll with your social security number to qualify for future income from a tax standpoint.


– Place and maintain a 100+ PV LRP order to qualify for income. I do 125 PV each month and 150 PV simplifies the Power of 3 bonus.


3.) Step 3: Get Your Mind Right
– Find & Preach your WHY. This is what is going to get you through the tough times and needs to be more than just earning money.


– Get mentored by your Enroller to align expectations. Whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, the key is to build relationships online or face to face.


– Engage with your oil community on facebook. I love the facebook groups that my mentors have created because they provide an environment of like minded people.


– Start hosting OR teaching classes with your mentor. This is important to making sure you are consistently taking action in your local area or online. The key is to make a list and reach out to them to build relationships on a daily basis.


In Summary

doTERRA is a product education based company and working with someone that you know, like, and trust is key from a mentorship standpoint. Teaching and sharing is the key to becoming a product of the product and growing part time and full time income over time.


What Are My Next Steps?

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