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Trust VS Worry – Can You Do Both?


Trust VS Worry is a unpopular topic, but they both can either have a positive or negative impact on your health!



Did You Know?

Trusting and worrying at the same time is really difficult and if you can do them both, I would sure like to know how that all works out in your head! Ahhh!


The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know someone that has low trust for themselves or others? Do you worry about people and things that haven’t happened yet? Make sure to watch the video below to see how it has played out in my life!


When You Don’t Answer Your Phone Right Away

1.) Friends think that you are ignoring them. Has this every happened to you? This can be very common but notice that if you or your friends are doing this how a false conclusion could be drawn pretty easily.


2.) Your mom thinks that you are in danger. This has happened to me way too many times in the past and has rubbed off on me a bit. I have learned to try my best to seek understanding and be patient when it comes to call response time with those I care most about. Giving the benefit of the doubt is also helpful.


3.) BAE thinks that you are being unfaithful. “BAE” stands for before anyone else and their lack of trust could stem from a past experience that they have not dealt with fully or is still an insecurity.


4.) The whole time you could have been working, sleeping, using the restroom, driving, eating, or any number of things not mentioned above already. Once you get all the facts, it turns out that our assumptions are typically more based on fear than facts.


Trust VS Worry Goes Best With

1.) Trusting yourself and the other person: It’s helpful to know the character, values, personality, strengths, and weaknesses of the other person so that you can give them the benefits of the doubt when your worry starts to set in.


2.) Discernment: This is the ability to distinguish the truth from lies and this could include what you are telling yourself to “fill in the gaps” from what you think is happening. This is where being patient and giving the benefits of the doubt also comes in.


3.) Using essential oils can be a good bridge between how you are feeling now and how you want to feel. If you are feeling worried then citrus oils or mood oils will be a good natural solution.


In Summary

The reality is that you can’t trust and worry at the same time. You have to choose one or the other. You can’t give something that you don’t have, which is why trust starts with yourself first.


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