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Best Essential Oils For SculpSure


Using essential oils for SculpSure is a great way to support our weight management goals and use the best of what nature and technology has to offer!



Did You Know?

Sculpsure is an FDA approved light based device that targets your fat cells and reduce fat by up to 24% in a specific area with one 25 minute session.


The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know someone that has stubborn areas on the stomach, thighs, or love handles that just won’t go away? Would you like a natural way to address those areas? Make sure to check out the video below to learn just how!


Top 3 Benefits Of SculpSure

1.) Targets fat cells using a selective wavelength with little to no absorption to the surrounding dermis. This offers a comfortable and convenient way to contour and sculpt your body.


2.) Helps to reduce stubborn areas such as the love handles, buttox, and thighs. There’s an over 90% satisfaction rate with Sculpsure since its clinically tested and there’s no surgery involved so you can be in and out the same day.


3.) Fat cells that have been reduced by Sculpsure are removed by your lymphatic system with proper hydration and essential oils help this detox process as well.


SculpSure Goes Best With

1.) Eating right: Eating more live and whole foods allows your body to repair and regenerate from the inside out. This also allows your body to use the highest quality ingredients to make future cells. Focusing on nutrient dense foods that are low in calories will support future weight management goals as well.


2.) Exercise: This will help to support your metabolism and releases endorphins to help you feel better! This is a great way to help with blood flow and circulation as well.


3.) Hydration: Drinking 1/2 your body weight in ounces each day and even more when you Sculpsure will help your lymphatic system out. Adding essential oils to this mix will take your organs of elimination in ridding unwanted substances from your body more effectively.


In Summary

There’s a number of essential oils that you can use with alkaline water and Sculpsure. The Slim and Sassy oil blend is a good place to start, but lemon oil, grapefruit, wild orange, or other citrus oils would be good options too.


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