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Perfect Pellegrino Water Oils For Mad Flava

Pellegrino Water

This is a great alternative to soda since there’s no sugar, no caffeine, and its all natural! I love the way this tastes too! ??? Pellegrino water and essential oils are a great combo!Pellegrino Water

This has a ton of internal health benefits! These include uplifting your mood, detoxing your body and cells, and supporting your immune system.

All I do is add 2 drops per 8oz of lemon and lime oil to a Pellegrino, which equals about 3 drops lemon and 3 drops lime for this 24oz glass container (it’s nice because it has a metal cap too).??

You want to make sure and avoid the plastic ones with the plastic caps though since citrus oils pull the petro-chemicals out.?

Our bodies need a lot of water everyday to operate optimally. I love to mix it up on how I get it in every now and then too.

What’s your favorite way to use essential oils in your drinks??


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