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Rockin 30 Day Detox Diet Plan

30 detox diet plan

This 30 Day Detox Diet Plan is amazing! I tried this my second month in doTERRA and absolutely loved it!? This plan works best when eating at least 95% or more plant based, cutting out processed foods, and drinking 1/2 your body weight in water each day.

30 detox diet plan

There’s a ton of stuff in the air, food, and water that aren’t good for your body, and it’s super important to cleanse and restore your body to make sure it can operate at its best.

Here’s a breakdown of how I cleansed my body with this 2nd month kit:?

– Lemon essential oil (Days 1-30): I used 1-3 drops in my water 3-5 times daily. Cleanses body and detoxifies cells.?

– Zendocrine softgels (Days 1-30): I took 1 softgel twice a day in the morning and afternoon with meals. This supports the filtering organs in your body. ?

– Life Long Vitality Pack (Days 1-30): I took 2 from each bottle in the morning and afternoon with meals. This supports proper nutrition, energy, and omega-3’s for brain health.?

– Terrazyme (Days 1-30): I took this twice a day with my meals (especially when they were mostly cooked). This supports healthy digestion and metabolism since enzymes break down your food properly for better absorption.?

– GX Assist (Days 10-20): I took this twice a day for 10 days and with my meals to properly cleanse my gastrointestinal tract of nasty little buggers.?

– PB Assist+ (Days 20-30): I took this three times a day with meals for to build up my gut flora and support a healthy digestive and immune function.✅

– Deep Blue Rub: This is a great solution for any tight muscles or joints. I used this a lot initially for workouts and for the heat outside to cool down. This is a great oil to have on hand during a cleanse too!

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