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Momtrepreneur Day In The Life || Reaction Video


What’s this whole Momtrepreneur thing all about? Check out the video below to find out more about what it means to have it all together and…not at the same time, lol.



Did You Know?

A momtrepreneur is a mom who balances the life of raising kids with running a business from home or on the road. This is both rewarding and challenging as you can see from the video!


The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know a mom who is running around like a chicken with her head cut off? Would you like to have some comedic relief on the topic and maybe a way to balance everything better? This video is the first step in your wellness journey then!


Top 3 Benefits Of Being A Momtrepreneur

1.) Work from home: This is a blessing and a curse since the lines between work and family blend and blur a lot, but this is where excellent organization skills and and commitment to getting things done comes in!


2.) Work with your kids (kind of): When you are not feeding your kids or picking them up from school you have the wonderful opportunity to show them how to use essential oils!


3.) Work for yourself: This actually means that when you help enough people get what they want, you can get what you want. That includes your clients, team members, and family as well! It’s all about being able to see the bigger picture and moving towards your goals inch by inch everyday.


Being A Momtrepreneur Goes Best With

1.) Essential oils! Using oils like wild orange to uplift your mood, lavender to calm and relax your kids, and Deep Blue blend to address and tight or achy muscles and joints from all the running around will be just what you need!


2.) Sleep? It’s almost impossible to get 7-9 hours of sleep for the first few years of a child’s life but this will be important for making sure the next day starts off on the right foot.


3.) Exercise: This is important for reducing stress and releasing endorphins that make you feel better. Self care in the form of yoga, pilates, working out, or running is great even if you can only sneak it in for an hour once a week.


In Summary

Let’s face it, being a momtrepreneur is not easy! It involves balancing the responsibilities of being a mother, entrepreneur, spouse, and other duties all at the same time! Whether you are a momtrepreneur, want to be a momtrepreneur, or know someone that is, hopefully this video at least put a smile on your face! 


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