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What you MUST KNOW FIRST to make money with doTERRA || Reaction Video


You definitely want to watch this video to make sure you don’t miss out on any referral bonus checks as you share oils with others!



Did You Know?

Keeping at least 100 Point Value (PV) in your cart at all times throughout the month in addition to 1 order of at least 100 PV in the month is what qualifies you for income with doTERRA.


The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know someone that would like to earn their oils for free, earn part time income, or earn full time income? Would you like to make sure that you never miss a commission check? Make sure to watch the video below then!


How To Maximize Your LRP Order For The Most Benefits

1.) 1 PV: This is the minimum order amount for any wholesale member that allows you to keep whatever points you’ve earned on your orders thus far


2.) 50 PV: This is the minimum order amount for any wholesale member that grows your rebate from 10% back to 30% back after 1 year for everything you purchase.


3.) 100 PV: This is the minimum order amount to qualify for income once you become a Wellness Advocate. All you do is give your social security info when you enroll or update your back office profile after you enroll.


4.) 125 PV: This is the minimum amount that qualifies an wholesale member for the FREE product of the month (POM). This is usually $10-15 in value and introduces you to new and favorite oils each month!


5.) 150 PV: This is the amount to order each month to simplify the Power of 3 Bonus that doTERRA offers. All you need is for you and 3 of your builders under you to do this amount for you to get a $50 bonus of residual income after you become a Wellness Advocate.


6.) 200 PV: This is the quarterly special amount that qualifies you for every from 1 PV to 200PV above. The quarterly specials usually occur in March, June, September, & December and are usually $65 or more in wholesale value. Note: You don’t have to be on LRP to receive the quarterly bonus items.


Your LRP Order Goes Best With

1.) Knowing your “Why” – This is the reason that will keep you going when times get tough and when you are making no pay or low pay. There needs to be more of a motivation than money to make sure you are tapping into your greater good and higher purposes.


2.) Going to the Annual doTERRA Convention – This is a great way to learn about the Mission, Vision, and Values that doTERRA was founded on. This is where I go every year to make sure that my “Why” is being nurtured.


3.) Working with someone that you know, like, and trust – This is probably the most important thing because without someone there to guide you along and answer your questions, you’ll have to rely on your own self-motivation or reach out to your uplines until you find someone that can mentor you.


In Summary

The key to earning money with doterra is teaching and sharing. The amount that you order each month and keep in your cart at all times allows you to be a product of the product and continue to have enough inventory to share oils with others in a more meaningful way that builds your testimony and belief in the products. 


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