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Top 5 Myths About MLM Essential Oils

mlm essential oils

Are MLM essential oils legit or just a way for distributors to make money and deceive consumers? Make sure to watch the video and read the blog post below in it’s entirety to learn the truth. 

mlm essential oils


Did You Know?

The Federal Trade Commision was established in 1914 and is the governing body for businesses and that includes MLM companies. 


The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know someone that is for, against, or on the fence about multilevel marketing companies that sell essential oils? Would you like to learn the truth about MLMs or essential oils? Make sure to watch the video below until the end to find out!


Top 5 Myths About MLM Essential Oils

Myth #1 is that MLM essential oils are a Pyramid Scheme, which means they are… Illegal!


Truth #1:
Debra A. Valentine, Former General Counsel of the FTC stated that, “Some people confuse pyramid and Ponzi schemes with legitimate multilevel marketing. Multilevel marketing programs are known as MLM’s, and unlike pyramid or Ponzi schemes, MLM’s have a real product to sell.”

Myth #2 is that MLM essential oils are overpriced products that pay distributors for recruiting more people.


Truth #2:
This statement doesn’t factor in the discount that is available for customers (who make up the vast majority of buyers) AND distributors (who make up a minority of the buyers). For example, the discount for my company is 25-55% off retail which makes them more affordable than any other brand that I’ve looked at.

Myth #3 is that MLM essential oils have distributors who make overhyped or exaggerated product claims.


Truth #3:
Distributors who do this have a lack of “Eric Worre Style” training who’s YouTube channel I’ll include in the description below. When it comes to essential oils, I like to say that they won’t help with everything, but they can help with something, you just have to do a little trial and error and not give up on them.

Myth #4 is that MLM essential oils have distributors who make overhyped or exaggerated income and compensation claims


Truth #4:
Again this comes from distributors who have a lack of “Eric Worre Style” training which I’ll have a link in the description to his YouTube channel. My company’s focus is on teaching and sharing, not recruiting and selling. This allows me to match natural solutions more effectively when people are ready.

Myth #5 is that people don’t want to “do MLM essential oils” because they don’t want to bother friends and family and “beg them to join” the business opportunity


Truth #5:

It’s been shown that Networkers, Small Business Owners, & Bloggers to the best in the shortest amount of time when it comes to network marketing.


Otherwise you need to have a lead generation strategy which means a boots on the ground style of meeting and following up with new people at networking events, vendor booths, online ads, and business visits.



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