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How To Handle Haters (Part 2)


This 2nd part on how to handle haters is going to dive deeper on how misperceptions happen and why they are so evident with people’s conclusions.



Did You Know?

The book, “How to Solve Your People Problems” by Alan Godwin is a great book on conflict resolution and goes great with dealing with haters (reasonable or unreasonable ones too)!


The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know someone that comes to conclusions quickly and holds on to them tightly? Would you like to learn how to improve your perceptions and gain more perspective? Watch the video below to learn more.


Top 4 Categories Of Misperception

1.) Misperception resulting from
– Misinterpretation: This is when a person sees things differently then they really are. In other words they are viewing their position in rose colored glasses (favorably) and viewing your position in a less favorably way.

– Misinformation: This is when a person doesn’t have all the information or doesn’t have all the correct information and draws a innacurate conclusion.


2.) Type of information
– Accurate: Someone can misinterpret accurate info and come up with the wrong conclusion.

– Inaccurate, erroneous, or incomplete: Someone can have the wrong information and as a result, come up with the wrong conclusion.


3.) Type of conclusion
– Inaccurate: As it was stated above, a false conclusion can come from misinterpreted yet accurate info or inaccurate or incomplete info.


4.) What to correct
– Interpretation: When someone can look at both sides of the argument in an objective way, then an accurate conclusion can be drawn due to less position bias.

– Information: When someone corrects the info they are using or gets complete info then they can draw a true conclusion.


This Information Goes Best With

1.) Strengthsfinder 2.0: This is an awesome book to learn how to leverage your strengths and put yourself in situations where you can get the most out of them.


2.) Developing the Leader Within You: You have influence, positive or negative on everyone you interact with. This book helps you to see that leadership is influence.


3.) 30 Day Guide To Reducing Stress At Work: This is my book on how you can reduce stress at work and improve your quality of life with very practical steps!


In Summary

Haters will either be misinterpreting or using misinformation when they draw conclusions. If they interpreted things more objectively and had all the facts from both sides, then they would be an informed discussion partner and not a hater anymore.


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