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How To Handle Haters (Part 1)


This simple guide on how to handle haters will help prepare you for situations at work, home, or the online world. The struggle is real!



Did You Know?

How you handle haters will determine how much of your sanity you get to keep. If you are a hater, then you are getting the cheat sheet to anti-hater rhetoric, lol.


The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know someone that is a hater? Would you like to become less of a hater? Watch the video below for more self awareness!


How Haters Be Hatin’

1.) Presuppositions Rule the Day:
– The definition of Presuppositions is to suppose or assume beforehand; take for granted in advance. In other words, they are “right” and anything you say that goes against that is “wrong.”


2.) Unreasonable VS Reasonable:
– Unreasonable people focus on their need to be right and win (problem focused)
– Reasonable people focus on seeking understanding and the truth (solution focused)


3.) Bottom Line: IFAPP
– Criticism is “Information From Another Person’s Perspective” aka IFAPP and it’s important to look for the kernel of truth even if you believe they are operating out of a limited belief system.


This Information Goes Best With

1.) Hitting the pause button: Don’t be so quick to respond when someone presses your buttons. Think about your response and seek understanding. The goal is to be brutally honest AND exceedingly kind at the same time!


2.) Seek understanding: This involves asking thoughtful questions and reading from experts on BOTH SIDES of the argument. If the person you are dealing with isn’t reasonable then they will just want to be right and win, not seek understanding or like to be asked questions.


3.) Do not tolerate disrespect: This goes for what comes out of your mouth or fingertips too. The key is to create a culture around positivity, truth, and respect. Remember you get what you give out.


In Summary

You can’t control what comes out of a haters mouth (in person) or fingertips (online). All you can do is understand how to handle them better and many times it involves providing one reasonable response then seeing if they can be reasonable too. If not, distance or delete them from your life or comments section.


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