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How To Handle doTERRA VS Young Living Haters (Part 1)

doterra vs young living haters part 1

The doTERRA VS Young Living haters comparison talks about the psychology around why hating or deconstructive criticism occurs and what you can do about it!

doterra vs young living haters part 1


Did You Know?

Presuppositions, cognitive dissonance, and confirmation bias are all things that should be considered when you discuss doTERRA or Young Living with others in order to be more self aware and objective. 


The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know someone that is a doTERRA or Young Living hater? Have you been a hater or been hated on yourself when it comes to either of these companies? Make sure to watch the video below to learn how to deal with this more productively. 


Top 3 doTERRA VS Young Living Factors To Consider

1.) Presuppositions Rule the Day
– Definition: to take for granted in advance; suppose or assume beforehand
– In other words, you are “right” and anything they say that goes against that is “wrong.”
– Progression: Hater to Frienemy to Fan


2.) Cognitive Dissonance 101
– Feeling uncomfortable or insecure after holding two opposing beliefs in your head at the same time
– Example: “You can only have high quality essential oils if you own your own farms.”


3.) Confirmation Bias 101
– (Un)consciously referencing people, websites, or studies that only support your own point of view
– Reality: People judge themselves on intention and judge others on their actions


This Video Goes Best With

1.) doTERRA VS Young Living Haters (Part 2): This is the 2nd part of this video and talks about the other side of being a hater or being hated on as a member of either company.


2.) How to handle doTERRA Haters Video: This video covers some of the most common objections that people have when it comes to “pyramid schemes,” the founders, and “selling” the essential oils.


3.) doTERRA Scam Debunked Video: This video explains what an actual scam is and why doTERRA is not that because there’s an exchange of products for money and is a legal business.


In Summary

Self awareness is one of the most commonly underdeveloped skills and is one of the main reasons for conflict. The more self awareness you have about your thoughts, words, and actions, the more objective and fact based you can be when it comes to representing either company.


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