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Top 4 Benefits Of doTERRA TerraGreens

doterra terragreens supplement powder

The doTERRA TerraGreens supplement powder is a great way to get more nutrients in your diet in a more convenient, quick, and easy way.

doterra terragreens supplement powder

Did You Know?

This is superfood powder blend of kale, dandelion greens, spinach, wheat grass, alfalfa juice, pineapple juice, guava fruit, lemon oil, ginger oil, and many other fruit and veggies that support a busy lifestyle.


The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know someone that doesn’t have the best nutrition or is always on the go? Would you like a natural way to manage your weight, improve your digestion, or boost your immunity? The TerraGreens supplement is right for you then!


How To Use The doTERRA TerraGreens Supplement Powder

– Add 1 scoop per 8 ounces to your green smoothie, coconut milk, almond milk, or rice milk.

Note: Combining with smoothies and vanilla flavored nut milks taste better than just plain water.


The doTERRA TerraGreens Goes Best With

1.) Green smoothies: Adding TerraGreens to your green smoothie is a great idea! I like to make my green smoothie with spinach, collard greens, apple, banana, mixed berries, and the TerraGreens powder. This is the best way to enjoy this supplement and boost your nutrition level too.


2.) Nut Milks: Using a vanilla or chocolate almond, coconut, rice, or cashew milk would be a great option to getting the nutrition in your body and having it taste good. Using the unsweetened versions of those nut milks won’t taste as good as the flavored versions, but it will taste better than just plain water.


3.) Alkaline water: This won’t taste as good as the other two options above, but this is good to do if you are strapped for time or don’t mind the flavor, which is still quite good with water.


In Summary

The doTERRA TerraGreens fruit and vegetable supplement powder is safe for children, is gluten free, non-GMO, and vegan-friendly. The TerraGreens supplement enhances immune function with greens, grasses, fruits, and essential oils.


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