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doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack With vEO Mega

doterra lifelong vitality pack with veo mega

The doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack with vEO mega contains omega 3 sources from flax seed, algae, inca inchi seed, borage seed, cranberry seed, and a lot of other high quality ingredients to give you body what it needs.

doterra lifelong vitality pack with veo mega


Did You Know?

This omega 3 supplement is a blend of 100% plant based essential fatty acids in a unique assimilation capsule with essential oils and fat soluble vitamins.


The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know someone that would like to be able to think more clearly? Would you like a natural solution for achy muscles and joints? The vEO Omega supplement is what you need in your life!


How To Use The doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack with vEO Mega

– Take 2 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules in the afternoon with food and water.


Note: This is meant to be taken with the other two supplements in the Life Long Vitality pack for optimal results.


The doTERRA vEO Mega Supplement Goes Best With

1.) Alpha CRS+ supplement: This all natural supplement revs up the mitochondria of your cells, which are like little engines without sugar or artificial ingredients. This is a great alternative to coffee and energy drinks.


2.) Microplex VMz supplement: This wholefood vitamin and mineral solution is great since our soils are so depleted and we don’t get everything we need from our food. Even if you think you’re “good on vitamins” supplementing is going to be key to make sure you don’t get any deficiencies over time.


3.) Eating right: This is one of those principles that is common sense, but not always common practice. You know, I get that. This one thing is the foundation of everything I do and enhances the benefits of this supplement.


In Summary

The doTERRA Lifelong Vitality pack with vEO Mega is great for people looking for a vegan omega 3 supplement and contains powerful plant based sources of essential fatty acids. This is an amazing supplement that I take everyday!


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