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Top 7 doTERRA Products For Wellness


These doTERRA Products are a great way to focus on a lifestyle of wellness that includes a good variety of oils, supplements, and a roll on option!



Did You Know?

Choosing the Top 7 products is kinda like choosing your favorite child. It’s a hard decision and undoubtedly there’s always going to be some good ones that weren’t included, lol.


The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know someone that would like to have more energy, better digestion, or relieve tight muscles and joints? Would you like a natural stress reducer that puts you in a good mood? These oils are what you need then!


Top 7 doTERRA Products For Wellness

1.) Citrus Bliss oil blend: Very uplifting and reduces stress. Smells like an orange creamsicle!


2.) PastTense oil blend: This helps to calm your emotions, has a soothing sensation, and reduces stress and head/neck tension.


3.) Frankincense oil: This is a great mood balancer, promotes healthy cell function, and relieves tight muscles and joints


4.) Peppermint oil: This is great for energy, digestion, and reducing feelings of tension


5.) Mito2Max Supplement: This is natural energy in a bottle without the use of added sugars or caffeine. It revs of the mitochondria in your cells to get then and you going!


6.) DigestZen oil blend: Promotes healthy digestion, supports a healthy GI tract, and eases queasiness


7.) DigestZen softgels: These are a lot easier to swallow and good if you don’t like the flavor of DigestZen but still want its amazing digestive benefits!


These doTERRA Products Go Best With

1.) Eating Right: Eating more live and whole plant foods is going to give your body the nutrients and raw materials it needs to stay healthy. When you cut out or reduce your processed foods intake this is just going to compound your benefits!


2.) Hydrating: I like drinking alkaline water, but distilled water or reverse osmosis are other options if that isn’t available. This is going to help with circulation, blood flow, and getting the cellular waste filtered out your body.


3.) Exercise: The best exercise is one where you get moving and do it consistently. Whether that is once a week, twice a week, or a few times a week. The key is to choose something and even get an accountability partner to keep you on track!


In Summary

This quick list of doTERRA products isn’t comprehensive, but is meant to serve as a starting point for awesome and are some of the ones that I like to use the most everyday. They are pretty much my go to natural solutions!


What Are My Next Steps?

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