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Top 5 doTERRA Diamond Kit Solutions For Stress

doterra diamond kit solutions for stress

The doTERRA Diamond Kit is the best way to improve your health since it contains so many natural solutions for stress!

doterra diamond kit solutions for stress


Did You Know?

Stress can be emotional, physical, cellular, chemical, environmental which can all take a toll on your digestion, immune function, and reproductive organs.


The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know someone that is going through a lot of stress? Would you like to improve your health with natural solutions in this area with a kit that has it all? Watch the video below to learn more on how to do that!


Top 5 doTERRA Diamond Kit Solutions For Stress

1.) Wild orange essential oil: This is called the happy oil and when you breathe it in, it goes into the limbic part of your brain with controls your mind, mood, and memory.


2.) Lavender essential oil: Lavender is amazing for calming and relaxing your emotions and you can breathe it in or use a diffuser to help you with this.


3.) Balance oil blend: This is the grounding blend and works great with Serenity or on the bottoms of your feet or a diffuser in the morning, afternoon, or night time.


4.) Fractionated coconut oil: This helps essential oils absorb better into your skin, cover larger surface areas of your body, reduce chances of irritation, and is odorless and non-greasy. I love using this with Balance oil blend or after I shower.


5.) Frankincense essential oil: Frankie is great for balancing your mood and can help with your cellular function as well due to it chemical constituents. Frankie is one of the most researched oils in the world!


This Goes Best With

1.) Natural Solutions Class: I offer this free class online or over the phone via skype, facetime, or facebook video and this is a great way for you to learn how to use essential oils.


2.) Wellness Consult: After you purchase a kit, I offer a free wellness consult to go over how to use your oils and maximize your membership to make sure you get the best return on your health investment.


3.) Loyalty Rewards Program: This is the best way to save the most money, never run out of product, and develop a wellness lifestyle where you can have a natural solutions within arm’s reach. I have gotten over $1500 in free oils with this program since November 2013!


In Summary

The doTERRA Diamond kit is perfect for bloggers, small business owners, and networkers who are looking to diversify their income or are dissatisfied with their current job from a job task, people, or purpose standpoint. The Diamond kit comes with almost every product that doTERRA offers and is the best way to be a product of the product and share like a professional!


What Are My Next Steps?

The first thing to do is sign up for my FREE 4 part essential oil class online so you can learn more about natural solutions TODAY!
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