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Top 5 doTERRA Diamond Kit Solutions For Your Emotions

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doterra diamond kit solutions for emotions

Feeling various emotions on a daily basis is a normal part of life but the key is to find positive ways to manage them better that help you weather the storms more effectively. This is going to be a better long term strategy then taking your anger out on others, being bitter, keeping score, or turning to destructive or costly bad habits.

doTERRA Enrollment Kits

Top 6 Essential Oil Kit Objections

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essential oil kit objections

An essential oil kit is an investment in your health and can kind of be thought as auto insurance for your wellness. Nobody likes to get in an accident, but you sure would be thankful to have car insurance to cover all the costs and damages. The same is true for an essential oil kit and future monthly purchases. They help protect you from Murphy’s law!

doTERRA Touch Kit

Top 3 Benefits Of The doTERRA Touch Kit

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doterra touch kit

You can started with the doTERRA Touch kit as a retail customer, wholesale customer, or wellness advocate. There’s a membership annual fee that comes with a wholesale membership, but you will have the opportunity to save 25-55% off your oils with the Loyalty Rewards Program.