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Top 7 doTERRA Diamond Kit Solutions For Muscles And Joints

doterra diamond kit solutions for muscles and joints

The doTERRA Diamond Kit provides some great solutions for your muscles and joints from an internal and external standpoints once you learn a little bit about what each of these options can do for you!

doterra diamond kit solutions for muscles and joints


Did You Know?

You can use a hot compress technique to enhance the topical benefits of essential oils even further. This involves placing a hot and damp towel on your area of need and then rubbing one or more of the essential oils below on that area below in a circular motion.


The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know someone that has achy muscles and joints? Would you like to have some natural solutions for tight areas of your body? Make sure to watch the video below to learn about some really great options for your health!


Top 7 doTERRA Diamond Kit Solutions For Muscles And Joints

1.) Deep Blue oil blend (5ml): This blend is made up of wintergreen, camphor, peppermint, ylang ylang, helichrysum, blue tansy, German chamomile, and osmanthus. This blend helps to sooth achy muscles and joints after a long day or workout.


2.) Frankincense oil (15ml): This is one of the most well researched oils and help to amplify the benefit you receive from the Deep Blue oil on a cellular level to reduce tight muscles and joints.


3.) Deep Blue Rub: This is less concentrated than the oil blend above but it is easier to apply. It’s great to use in conjunction with the oil blend and frankincense above for extra support and layer them on top of one another on the area of your body that needs it the most.


4.) Deep Blue Polyphenol Supplement: These give your body the cellular support you need through the natural power of antioxidants and support the topical applications above and are extra extra support when used the the LifeLong Vitality Pack below.


5.) Microplex VMz (doTERRA LLV Part 1 of 3): This is a whole food vitamin and mineral supplement from doTERRA that supports your metabolism, cellular energy, and fills in the gap from what you don’t get in your diet (no matter how healthy you eat since our soils are often void of nutrients).


6.) Alpha CRS+ (doTERRA LLV Part 2 of 3): This supplement supports your mental clarity and brain function and helps to support healthy cellular immune function. You need this after a workout out or when your muscles and joints need extra antioxidant support.


7.) xEO Mega (doTERRA LLV Part 3 of 3): This is the 3rd part of this supplement trio and contains marine based and plant based Omega-3’s and 9 different essential oils. These all work synergistically to support your muscle, joint, and brain function.


In Summary

You want to focus on supporting your muscles, joints, and brain function on a cellular level when it comes to achy or tight areas. Using topical and internal solutions will give you the best opportunity of helping your body from the inside out and outside in.


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