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doTERRA Cardamom Essential Oil Uses

doterra cardamom essential oil

doTERRA Cardamom essential oil is great for a number of digestive and respiratory issues. 

doterra cardamom essential oil


Did You Know?

Cardamom essential oil is a close relative to ginger and is known as a unique cooking spice due to it many digestive benefits.


The Main Problem That We All Face

Have you ever had trouble breathing due to nasal congestion? Cardamom is not just a flavorful spice, but it also has benefits for your respiratory and digestion as well.


Top 4 Cardamom Essential Oil Uses And Benefits

1.) Eases indigestion and helps maintain gastrointestinal health: Use internally as a part of a daily health regimen to support proper gut function.


2.) Promotes clear breathing and respiratory health: Diffuse or apply topically to promote feelings of clearer airways and open nasal passages.Cardamom Essential Oil


3.) Helps alleviate feelings of stomach discomfort: Take in a veggie capsule or apply directly on the stomach area with a fractionated coconut oil for more relief.


4.) Flavorful spice in cooking and baking recipes: Add to bread recipes, savory dishes, soups, or salads for a boost in flavor. Only 1 drop is usually needed (less is more in this case). Note: Only Certified Pure Essential Oil are recommended.


Cardamom Essential Oil Works Best With

1.) Bergamot essential oil: Pressed from the rind of the fruit and has many internal benefits. Goes great with cardamom.


2.) Cinnamon essential oil: Steam distilled from the bark and has a sweet and hot scent to it. Pairs well with cardamom oil.


3.) Cedarwood essential oil: Cedarwood has many benefits to the nervous and respiratory systems and compliments cardamom oil nicely.


In Summary

Cardamom has been used in traditional indian sweets and teas for it’s cool, minty aroma and flavor. You can also enjoy the benefits of this versatile seed in your cooking recipes and for natural health benefits.


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