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doTERRA Black Pepper Essential Oil Uses

doterra black pepper essential oil

There are 5 main uses for doTERRA black pepper essential oil. I love it for it’s dual purpose of flavor and digestion benefits.

doterra black pepper essential oil


Did You Know?

Black pepper oil shares a similar chemical structure to melissa essential oil? Crazy huh! 😀


The Main Problem That We All Have Faced

You ever had an upset tummy or gas? It’s okay, your secret is safe with me. 😉 Black pepper has helped me a lot in this area and has 5 main benefits when it comes to digestion and other health concerns.


Top 5 Uses & Benefits For Black Pepper Essential Oil

1.) Rich source of antioxidants: Antioxidants help with proper cellular health.


2.) Supports healthy circulation: Circulation is super important for cellular health. It allows for your cells to get the proper nutrients, oxygen, and drop of wastes where their supposed to be instead of getting backed up in one location. Traffic jams are no fun on the road and they are no fun in your body either.


3.) Aids digestion: Most people think their digestion is good, but if we were to take a look inside (ewww gross, I know), we’d probably see a different story. What you eat is super important and a lot of times there other nasty things going on in the internal plumbing department. This oil helps clear some of that up (but is no replacement for eating right).doterra black pepper essential oil


4.) Enhances food flavor: Like wow it does! 1 drop goes a long way to enhance the flavor of soups, entrees, salads, salad dressings, and other savory dishes. I love this oil for it’s dual purpose (flavor and health benefits). Note: Only Certified Pure Essential oils are recommended for internal use.


5.) Soothes nerves and lessens anxious feelings: Black pepper oil is really great for calming the nerves and reducing the anxious feelings I sometimes get. It has a slight warming sensation too which helps to take my mind off things and soak up all the awesome aromatherapy.


Black Pepper Oil Blends Best With

1.) Cardamon essential oil: This essential oil helps to cleanse, relax, and invigorate like nobody’s business and pairs nicely with black pepper in a blend.


2.) Clove essential oil: Clove is the king of antioxidants and goes great with black pepper for a awesome protective blend.


3.) Juniper Berry essential oil: This oil is amazing for detoxifying, revitalizing, and toning and is the perfect combo with black pepper.


In Summary

Black pepper essential oil is way more concentrated than the ground and powdered version of black peppercorn. This oil adds a lot of flavor and helps with digestive upset too as an added bonus.


What Are My Next Steps?

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