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Best Face Lotion For Men And Women

best face lotion for men

I love this daily DIY face lotion! It’s the best face lotion for men and women for sure! This combination helps with keeping my skin soft and smooth and has really cleared it up of blemishes since I started using this combination over 12 months ago.

best face lotion for men

It’s super easy to use too! I like to use this in the morning and at night (especially after showering when pores are most open)?

Place 1 tbl sp of fractionated coconut oil in the palms of your hand and massage into your face and neck. Then add 1 drop of each of the oils peppermint, lavender, melaleuca, and lemon into the palms of your hand, rub them together, then rub into your face and neck.?

The peppermint is very cooling, the lavender is calming, the lemon helps with exfoliation, and the melaleuca targets those unsightly little buggers in and around the pores.?

Using this as a facial regimen is also good for women since it makes it easier to put on and take off makeup due to the skin being smoother. The fractionated coconut oil also doubles as a makeup remover! Score!

Tag a friend who would benefit from this, they will thank you for sure!??


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