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I Got Some More Essential Oils For Us

bear necessities

Phew, that was a close one! Mowgli has the best friend ever! ???

bear necessities

Having essential oils on hand for life’s little emergencies has saved me so many times! It’s kinda funny because now I feel liked I walked out the door with only one shoe on when I don’t bring my oils with me (maybe I need some rosemary for memory, lol).

Some of my favorite oils to take with me are lemon since it cleans my hands when I’m at networking events or meeting up with people for 1 on 1’s (door handles at public locations are just asking for trouble). ??

Peppermint is another one I take with me since it freshens my breath, opens up my airways, and helps me focus on the task at hand really well.??

Lavender is great since it’s very calming and relaxing and I put it on my reflex points at night to calm all the mind chatter.?? These are just 3 of my must haves that stay with me on a regular basis.

I guess you could say they are my “bear necessities,” tee hee. ?


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