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What Is The Best Essential Oil Company?


What is the Best Essential Oil Company? The experience that you receive from the Company and Person you work through will be the most important factor to consider.



Did You Know?

Store bought brands of essential oils are not approved for internal use and most essential oil brands use an alcohol solvent to extract the oil from the plant since it quicker and cheaper? This reduces the quality, price, and ability for you to get consistent results.


The Main Problem That We All Face



Top 4 Things To Look For In A Essential Oil Company

1.) Service (Most Important): Do you know, like, and trust a professional with expertise? This goes beyond a 1-800 customer service number and means that you connect with a Real Person that responds to you in a timely manner and provides customized and personalized support based on what your needs are.


2.) Quality: Are the essential oils approved for internal use by the FDA and 3rd Party Tested for purity and potency? This is very important since most essential oil companies don’t test their oil and aren’t approved for internal use due to all the contaminants, fillers, and solvents used in the processing of them.


3.) Price: Cheaper doesn’t always mean better. Would you expect to pay $10K for a brand new Lexus? That would seem a little on the low side and you might even ask what is wrong with it because it seems “too good to be true.” The same is true with oils as long as the quality is high and verified. Checking to see if they have a Rewards Program will be important in making sure you get the best discount and value over time.


4.) Brand Loyalty: Does the oil improve your quality of life, is the company reputable, has the company been in business for at least 5 years? These are all things you also need to consider to make sure you are getting a return on your investment and that you aren’t throwing good money after bad for multiple other brands of oils (or synthetics) to solve for the mistakes of one.


The Videos Above Goes Best With

1.) 30-60-90 Day Wellness Plan: This is a video that I did that builds on the “Service” piece that I mentioned above. It’s important that you learn how to use your oils, maximize your membership, and be feel supported whenever you have questions or something comes up.


2.) Top 3 Benefits of CPTG Oils: This video talks about what makes the brand I use different from the other ones and why quality is the 2nd most important thing you should focus on.


3.) Best Essential Oils 101 Review: This video is a great overview on the history of essential oils and how plant based solutions are nothing “new” and didn’t just become “popular,” they’ve been around for thousands of years!


In Summary

It’s important to make your own educated choice when choosing which essential oil company to go with. I encourage you to do your research and watch my videos on youtube to make sure you get some more perspective on which company will best meet your needs and give you the most short term and long term value.


What Are My Next Steps?

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