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Why Bemer 3000 Got A Face Lift

bemer 3000

The Bemer 3000 was out and about helping people improve their circulation, but now there’s some new kids on the block (from the same family of Bemer of course, lol).

bemer 3000


Did You Know?

Although the Bemer 3000 was a past product generation, has dated technology, and is no longer available for sale, there are some notable reasons why this therapy paved the way for future generations and has advanced the field of microcirculation.


The Main Problem That We All Face

The bad news is that Bemer 3000 was an older model that had limited functionality and has been discontinued. 🙁 That means having a circulation solution could be harder to find.


The Circulation Solution

The good news is that the Bemer Classic and Bemer Pro have been created so you can use them twice a day for 8 minutes, which gives you up to 12 hours of microcirculation support!


The Benefits Of The Bemer Models

1.) Bemer 3000: This is the previous model that still performed better than most competitors and provided pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. This model had a wire mesh that did not provide a clear signal and had limited functionality, which is a couple reasons why 2 new models were released.


2.) Bemer Classic: Simple and no frills option to improve your blood circulation (Use hand demonstration for PEMF Therapy and increased blood flow). This is a step up from the Bemer 3000 and is one of the current models being offered.


3.) Bemer Pro: Uses color touch screen and has more features and settings to address more body parts at once and improve blood flow. This is the more premium model being offered currently and is worth the investment in your health.


Note: Both the classic and pro models offer more signal stimulus, up to 12 hours of improved circulation effect (previous models were only 4 hours in 2007 and 1 hour in 1998).


How To Use Bemer Therapy For Best Results

1.) Alkaline Water: This is going to help make sure that your blood has enough fluid to get the circulation moving in the right direction. Alkaline water promotes wellness in the body and also helps cells to release toxins better and usher them out of the body more easily after running through the filtering organs. Drinking half your body weight in ounces each day should be the goal.


2.) Essential Oils: The Slim and Sassy oil blend is one of my favorites and supports the detox process since the oils can pass through the cell membrane, supports your digestive system, and supports healthy liver and kidney function as well. These are the perfect companion product to Bemer therapy and alkaline water. Using 4 drops per 16 ounces is the goal.


3.) Trace Minerals: Trace minerals from fulvic and humic acid are some of the most bioavailable forms of plant based minerals out there. Plant based, colloidal trace minerals are about 7000 times smaller than a red blood cells so they can pass through the membrane no problem and benefit the inside of them on a micro-cellular level to fill in the gaps from what you don’t get from your food. I use 1 dropper full each day of a trusted brand.


In Summary

The Bemer 3000 has been upgraded to a couple different models that offer a classic or professional way to improve your blood flow, circulation, and efficiency of your cells. Drinking alkaline water, using essential oils, and adding in trace minerals will take your health to the next level after discovering all that the new Bemer models have to offer!


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