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Hi Friends! My name is Lance and I help people improve their health and accomplish their goals with natural solutions.

Best Epidural, Cesarean, Or High Risk Pregnancy Support – Kaleigh Mancha Interview (Part 5)

Epidural, Cesarean, Or High Risk Pregnancy

Kaleigh Mancha talks about how doulas can help with Epidural, Cesarean, Or High Risk Pregnancy.

Amazing Doula Services Overview – Kaleigh Mancha Interview (Part 4)

doula services

Learn more about all the doula services that are offered and how Kaleigh helps families with their birthing process.

Informative Birth Doula And Postpartum Doula Overview – Kaleigh Mancha Interview (Part 3)

birth doula and postpartum doula overview

Kaleigh talks about the differences between a birth doula, postpartum doula, and loss doula so that you or someone you know can choose the best one.

Best Doula VS Midwife Overview – Kaleigh Mancha Interview (Part 2)

doula vs midwife part 2

Learn about the difference between a Doula VS Midwife and what that means for home or hospital births for expecting mothers.

What Is A Doula? Kaleigh Mancha Interview (Part 1)

what is a doula

What is a doula? Kaleigh Mancha talks about what a Doula is and how you can use her services to assist with hospital or home births.

How To Handle doTERRA VS Young Living Haters (Part 2)

doterra vs young living haters part 2

Don’t let deconstructive criticism or hate get you down. Focus on having the right perception, with accurate info, becoming more reasonable, and understanding which cognitive biases you are displaying.

The more self aware and objective you can be, the more positive your influence will be with others. The goal is loving and helping others, not trying to win an argument because you think it’s a verbal tennis match.

How To Handle doTERRA VS Young Living Haters (Part 1)

doterra vs young living haters part 1

Presuppositions, cognitive dissonance, and confirmation bias are all things that should be considered when you discuss doTERRA or Young Living with others in order to be more self aware and objective.

Terrific doTERRA VS Young Living Farms Overview

doterra vs young living farms

doTERRA and Young Living utilize farms all over the world to source their oils from and vary in their percentage of corporately owned farms and partner farms.

Monumental doTERRA VS Young Living Convention 2017

doterra vs young living convention 2017

I’ve been going to the doTERRA Convention since November September 2014 and it has been a life changing experience. I nearly cry every year that I go from all the stories! If you are new to each company or already a wholesale member, I highly recommend going this year or in the future!

Sensational doTERRA VS Young Living Supplements For 2nd Month Order

doterra vs young living supplements for 2nd month order

Choosing the right supplements for your 2nd month order as wholesale member on the rewards program for doTERRA or Young Living is the best way to develop a lifestyle of wellness and has helped me be more proactive with my health priorities!

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