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Hi Friends! My name is Lance and I help people improve their health and accomplish their goals with natural solutions.

All Food Grade Essential Oils Are Not Created Equal

food grade essential oils

Food grade oils can be taken internally in a number of ways but you want to make sure you are using doTERRA to make sure you are getting the world’s highest quality and that you have the best experience. You definitely want to follow the usage guidelines on the amount to use of each oil as well.

Why Synthetic Essential Oils Are No Bueno

synthetic essential oils

Synthetic essential oils are no bueno because that are foreign to the body and are very toxic. The main challenge is that they are not directly labeled on products as synthetic so you have to know what to look for to make sure you are getting the highest quality.

Brief History Of Essential Oils With Lance

history of essential oils

Essential oils have been around for thousands of years and are nothing new, although they may be a new concept to people who have never tried them before. Today essential oils are used as a way to improve by health practitioners, nutritionists, mom’s, dad’s, and kids all over the world!

Awesome Live Blood Cell Analysis With Bemer Pro || Reaction Video

bemer pro

Even if you think you are “healthy” you could still have a lot of stuff in your blood that you didn’t expect, I know that’s true for me! Combing a live blood analysis and Bemer therapy are a great way to improve your blood flow, increase nutrient absorption, increase oxygen absorption, and remove cellular waste.

Top 6 Aromatherapy Essential Oils For Balancing Emotions

aromatherapy essential oils

Aromatherapy essential oils are a great solution for balancing your emotions so that you can experience the positive emotions more fully, and minimize the impact that negative emotions have on your mind, mood, and memory.

Why Bemer 3000 Got A Face Lift

bemer 3000

The Bemer 3000 has been upgraded to a couple different models that offer a classic or professional way to improve your blood flow, circulation, and efficiency of your cells. Drinking alkaline water, using essential oils, and adding in trace minerals will take your health to the next level after discovering all that the new Bemer models have to offer!

Why Doing A Rapid Detox Is A Big Mistake

rapid detox

A rapid detox shocks your cells a little too much into releasing toxins and flooding your bloodstream without providing a more systematic approach that eases into the cleansing process. Imagine jumping into a cold pool vs. having the water gradually turn from lukewarm to warm and cozy.

Awesome Aromatherapy Course Overview


An aromatherapy course is a great way to learn about how to use essential oils and positively benefit your mind and mood in the fastest way possible. There’s lots of options online that are free (youtube), low cost (groupon), or higher cost (website) so choosing the best one based on what your needs are is most important.

Using Essential Oils – Ultra Spiritual Life episode 33 || Reaction Video


There were some funny things mentioned in this video and like everything, the points JP mentioned should be taken with a grain of salt and an open mind. I always try to look at the kernel of truth in every piece of feedback, and am always open to new perspectives!

Top 3 Benefits Of Bemer Therapy And Essential Oils

bemer therapy

You can combine essential oils and the Bemer therapy for compounding benefits to increase your quality of life. Both are great at helping you at a cellular level and I love using them as a proactive way to improve my health.

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