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Appealing doTERRA Copaiba Essential Oil Benefits

doterra copaiba essential oil

The doTERRA Copaiba essential oil has many health benefits and has a specific type of chemical constituent that is the perfect alternative to cannabis since there’s no psychoactive effects! Wahoo! A legal oil hack!

doterra copaiba essential oil


Did You Know?

Copaiba essential oil comes from the resin (or sap) of the copaiba tree, can grow to be over 100 feet tall, and can be found in tropical South America. Talk about a tall tale!


The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know someone that would like to uplift their mood, have clearer skin, or support their immune system? Would you like a natural way to support your digestion and brain function? Check out the video below to learn more then!


Top 3 Benefits Of doTERRA Copaiba Essential Oil

1.) Copaiba is a powerful antioxidant and supports your digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, and immune system function.


2.) Copaiba essential oil can help to calm and soothe your nervous system from tension or stress.


3.) Copaiba also helps to reduce the appearance of blemishes and promotes smooth and clear skin.


Copaiba Essential Oil Goes Best With

1.) You can diffuse 3-5 drops in a 4 hour diffuser or 6-10 drops in a 8 hour diffuser to lighten up the mood and make your home or office smell like a forest!


2.) Combining this essential oil with tea or water (1 drop per 4 ounces) is a great way to get some mouth, throat, and digestive health benefits.


3.) Apply with fractionated coconut oil for a nice facial moisturizer that will help you with a more youthful appearance and keep your skin clear as a whistle!


In Summary

The main chemical constituent in Copaiba is called caryophyllene and may be neuroprotective and has cardiovascular and immunity benefits too. This is a great alternative to the Mary-ju-wanna (or cannabis) out there since there’s no “high,” but there’s still a lot of health benefits associated with this key chemical component. How cool is that?! There’s virtually no downside, and all upside!


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