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You Know You’re A doTERRIAN When || Reaction Video


You know you’re a doTERRIAN when you watch funny youtube videos on essential oils and can pretty much relate to every single thing that is mentioned in there! LMBO!



Did You Know?

You know you’re a doTERRIAN when you “have an oil for that,” you cry a lot, or when your significant other “borrows” your oils for long periods of time even though they were skeptical at first, to name a few! LOL!


The Main Problem That We All Face

Have you ever experienced someone that was new to doTERRA essential oils? Have you wondered what it’s like to be a doTERRIAN? Well look no further for the solution!


The doTERRIAN Solution

Being a doTERRIAN is not only the solution, it’s the natural solution for all types of health priorities and for being the person that people look to in order to improve their health! You have liquid gold in a bottle and help people understand it’s value, how sweet is that!



The Main Benefits Of Being A doTERRIAN

1.) Having random people at the grocery store ask, “What smells so good?” and you busting out your wild orange like a boss to pop a drop in their hands and changing their life!


2.) You have an oil for dogs, for cats, for babies, for adults, for adults that act like babies, for everything!


3.) You can’t imagine what life would be like without you’re oils and are thankful to the person who introduced you to them!


How To Use Your doTERRIAN-hood For Best Results

1.) Always carry oils with you, you never know when you’ll need them when out and about. I feel naked without my oils!


2.) Always have sample vials on hand so you can share a sample with friends, family, and co-workers more easily. I like to give these out during 1 on 1’s or as prizes for class raffles!


3.) Involve your kids or loved ones in on the fun and education, if they have a more vested interest, they’ll be more likely to own their health! It’s all about taking personal responsibility for your own health and feeling empowered with information and natural solutions!


In Summary

Being a doTERRIAN is pretty friggin awesome! You get to improve your own quality life, help others, join an amazing community of oilers, and watch funny youtube videos that you can relate to on so many levels! It doesn’t get any better than this!


What Are My Next Steps?

The first thing to do is sign up for my FREE 4 part essential oil class online so you can learn more about natural solutions TODAY!
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