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What’s Your Why And Why That’s So Important


What’s your why? This blog post and video will discuss the benefits of coming up with a strong why so that you can weather the storms of lift with a raincoat and umbrella!



Did You Know?

Abraham Harold Maslow lived from 1908 to 1970 and was a psychologist who studied positive human qualities and in the lives of exemplary people. In 1954, Maslow created the Hierarchy of Human Needs and expressed his theories in his book, Motivation and Personality.


The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know someone that gave up before their dream was realized? Do you want to pursue your passions and higher purposes with a strong reason that even the “haters” can’t touch? Makes sure to watch this video below to learn more then!


Top 3 Life Challenges That Will Test Your Why

1.) Your Health: Health things tend to happen just how lightning strikes, random and all of a sudden. These can include stress, low energy, digestive upset, trouble sleeping, feeling under the weather or other health priorities. The stronger you “Why,” the better you can weather this storm.


2.) Your Finances: These can include living on a fixed income, living paycheck to paycheck, being on foods stamps or welfare, having a lot of debt, or being laid off. These are like a wildfire because they can destroy a lot of areas in your life in a very little amount of time. This is where a strong “Why” also comes in.


3.) Your Relationships: Conflict with a significant other or family member, the passing of a loved one (without a will), or recovering from a divorce are some areas of our life that can test your why. Conflict is inevitable, but you can manage it better when you develop your skills in this area.


A Strong Why Supports You As A:

1.) Wholesale Customer: Having a strong why that establishes why you want to improve your health, who you want to work with, and how you’ll use natural solutions to get you where you want to be now and in the future.


2.) Wellness Advocate: Whether it’s more time or financial freedom, having a strong “Why” will help you bridge the gap of where you are today and your future because it will create a motivation to want more for your life that goes beyond the monetary incentives and tap into Maslow’s Self Actualization needs.


In Summary

Developing your “Why” starts with understanding what your needs, wants, and goals in life are. There are many things that will test your why so having a strong one that will withstand the storms of life will be absolutely imperative to going from where you are today to where you want to be in the future.


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