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Watch Out For Therapeutic Essential Oils

Therapeutic Essential Oils

Therapeutic Essential oils can say a lot of stuff on the label, but there has to be 3rd party testing to ensure you are getting the highest quality.

Therapeutic Essential Oils


Did You Know?

Therapeutic grade essential oils can say 100% pure or Certified Organic but could still have “other stuff” in there besides what’s listed on the ingredient label since the essential oil industry isn’t regulated and costs can be cut in order to give you a lower quality product (which lowers your price too).


The Main Problem That We All Face

Have you ever experienced poor service at a restaurant? How did that make you feel? Low quality service sucks and low quality oils are now different. They create a marginal health experience for you immediately or over time.



Therapeutic Essential Oils 101

1.) Most commonly found with brands on store shelves and online


2.) Unregulated standard leads to misleading label claims, compromised quality, & marginal health benefits


3.) Toxicity depends on number of contaminants, fillers, foreign substances, or alcohol solvents that have been used


What To Look For In A High Quality Essential Oil

1.) Look to see that 3rd party testing is done throughout the plant selection, harvesting, distillation, packaging, and storage process.


2.) Look to see test results that validate that essential oil contains certain chemical constituents within an acceptable percentage range of the optimal plant species.


3.) Look to see if most or all of the tests are being used with the oil:
– Sensory evaluation (expert “smellers”)
– Physical analysis (specific gravity, refractive index, optical rotation)
– Modern chemical analysis (Gas chromatography Mass Spectrometry, Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy)


In Summary

Most therapeutic grade essential oils are not 3rd party tested for purity so it’s very difficult to verify if you are getting the highest quality. One of the only ways to tell initially is just by opening up the bottle and smelling them and then comparing them to a higher quality brand that is 3rd party tested and certified for their quality.


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