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Astonishing PEMF Therapy And Birch Essential Oil Benefits

You can use PEMF therapy and Birch oil in order to enhance your overall experience and improve your well being at the same time! How sweet is that?


PEMF therapy and birch essential oil


Did You Know?

The microcirculation stimulation benefits of PEMF can last up to 4 days, and is more than the other devices out there too! PEMF starts to taper off after the 3rd day, which is why daily use keeps your blood flowing like it should!


The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know someone that would like to have better circulation and blood flow? Would you like a better way to use natural solutions while you are getting your therapy done throughout the day? The video below will cover that in some more detail!


Top 3 Benefits Of PEMF Therapy

1.) Enhanced Blood Flow & Circulation: Using PEMF therapy twice a day in the morning and night time for 8 minutes each time will help stimulate your capillaries which will in turn help with getting your red and white blood cells moving.


2.) Improve Cellular Oxygen and Nutrient Delivery: As your cells start to get moving this will help with the oxygen and nutrient exchange between your cells, organs, and body systems. Eating right and using whole food supplements will support you in this area as well.


3.) Increase Proper Cellular Waste Removal: During this exchange process, your cells will give off waste byproducts and unwanted substances that will be properly disposed of in your body instead of stagnating in one area like before. Cutting out processed foods and drinking 1/2 your body weight in ounces each day will support you in this area as well.


Top 3 Benefits Of Birch Essential Oil

1.) Provides a soothing and warming sensation: Birch is best used topically on your skin with fractionated coconut oil as a massage. This will further enhance your general blood flow and circulation.


2.) Reduces the appearance of blemishes: When you use birch oil and fractionated coconut oil on your skin and can help with improving your complexion. Just make sure to apply the fractionated coconut oil on first and only use 1 drop of the essential oil for places like your face.


3.) Amazing aromatherapy experience: Birch has a similar smell to root beer (or should I say the other way around!) and combines well with citrus oils like wild orange or Citrus Bliss oil blend in your diffuser for a more pleasant PEMF experience.


In Summary

PEMF therapy and essential oils have many synergistic benefits when combined together. They both help you on a cellular level and combine the best of what technology and nature have to offer! 


What Are My Next Steps?

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