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Appealing PEMF Therapy And Basil Essential Oil Benefits

pemf therapy and basil essential oil

You can use PEMF Therapy and basil oil to help with your blood flow, mental alertness, and even your food recipes! These two go together very well, cell yeah!

pemf therapy and basil essential oil


Did You Know?

Two sessions of PEMF morning and night will help you with your circulation and combining doTERRA’s basil oil with this process will further enhance your benefits on a cellular level.


The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know someone that would like to improve their blood flow and circulation? Would you like to learn how to combine PEMF Therapy and essential oils to help your body on a cellular level? Make sure to watch the video below to do just that!


Top 3 Benefits Of PEMF Therapy

1.) Enhanced blood flow: PEMF Therapy uses a specific patented signal that provides your capillaries with up to 1200 stimulations per second and activates your body’s amazing powers.


2.) Improves oxygen and nutrient delivery: When your white and red blood cells get moving properly, you can see an increase of oxygen and nutrient delivery from your cells to your organs since things aren’t stagnant anymore.


3.) Helps with cellular waste removal: Your cells have waste byproducts too and remind me of little people! When your cells are moving properly through your veins, arteries and capillaries then this process and be more efficient.


Top 3 Benefits Of Basil Essential Oil

1.) Supports mental alertness and focus: You can place 3-5 drops in a petal diffuser or 6-10 drops in the AromaLite diffuser morning and nite to help support your cognitive function.


2.) Eases monthly feminine discomfort: You can apply 1-2 drops of basil with fractionated coconut oil on your abdomen area morning and night to help with this.


3.) Excellent in soups and pastas: Basil oil has the flavor like the dried herb, but also adds the element of therapeutic value and health benefits too. Pasta sauce and soups that use basil herb are good replacement options.


In Summary

Working out, drinking enough water, and using PEMF Therapy are the 3 most important things you can do to improve your blood flow and circulation. When you combine basil oil to the mix, you will definitely take your health and wellness to the next level and it’s like the perfect marriage!


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