Fantastic Parasite Cleanse For Humans That’s All Natural

Are you looking for a parasite cleanse for humans that is all natural? There are some great natural solutions that I’ll cover below that are safe, effective, and less expensive than most other options out there. Sign up for my FREE 30 Day Parasite Cleanse Guide to view all the details of the natural solutions mentioned in this blog post.

Parasite Cleanse For Humans

Did You Know?

Parasites can enter your body from improperly cooked foods, exposure to animals that have parasites, or contaminated water. These parasites live off the nutrients in your body, reproduce, and excrete harmful debris that toxifies your digestive system.


The Main Problem That We All Face

The reality is that most people have some type of parasite living inside them (Some 50% according to Natural News which is a conservative estimate). A parasite is a living organism that grows on or in another living organism at the host organism’s expense.


This creates a strange relationship where the parasite cannot live independently and is fed and housed by the host organism without making any helpful contributions itself (this kinda sounds like some people that I know, lol).


Parasites can cause digestive upset, bloating, gas, food cravings, and feed off of processed foods and processed sugars that enter your body.


There’s a safe, effective, and less expensive protocol that includes 6 main natural solutions.


Parasite Cleanse For Humans Protocol

Natural Solutions For Intestinal Parasites


1.) Natural Solution #1 (Sign up for Lance’s FREE 30 Day Parasite Cleanse Guide): This is an all natural remedy that is cold pressed from the rind and address intestinal parasites. This remedy helps to cleanse your body of the toxins that the parasites create and helps to detoxify your liver, kidneys, bladder, and lymphatic system too.


2.) Natural Solution #2 (Sign up for Lance’s FREE 30 Day Parasite Cleanse Guide): This is the 2nd recommendation for intestinal parasites and is one of the most effective too. This natural remedy was able to improve gastrointestinal symptoms in 7 of 11 patients who had tested positive for the parasite blastocystis hominis and caused the disappearance of this parasite in 8 cases (Force et al., 2000)

Natural Solutions For Worms

3.) Natural Solution #3 (Sign up for Lance’s FREE 30 Day Parasite Cleanse Guide): This digestive blend is especially useful against worms and contains 7 different natural remedies that effective at addressing the digestive issues and the worms themselves. This is because these remedies provide and unfriendly environment for the worms to live in and drive them out naturally.


4.) Natural Solution #4 (Sign up for Lance’s FREE 30 Day Parasite Cleanse Guide): This next solution can be used topically or internally and used for addressing worms. This natural remedy has had demonstrated the ability to eliminate protozoal pathogens Giardia duodenalis, Trichomonas vaginalis, and Hexamita inflata at concentrations of 1% or less (Moon et al., 2006).


5.) Natural Solution #5 (Sign up for Lance’s FREE 30 Day Parasite Cleanse Guide): This next natural remedy is especially helpful for digestion and is a secondary recommendation for worms. This remedy has been used for indigestion and for reducing the frequency of abdominal discomfort as well (Freise et al., 1999).


6.) Natural Solution #6 (Sign up for Lance’s FREE 30 Day Parasite Cleanse Guide): Lastly, this essential oil is also very effective at addressing worms and specifically, Anisakis simplex larva in vitro. Data suggests that the mechanism of action against this larva involves the blocking of acetylcholinesterase (Gomez-Rincon et al., 2014)


These Natural Solutions Work Best With

Intestinal Worms

1.) Cutting off the food source for the parasites. This includes processed foods and sugars that cause the intestinal parasites and worms to go into a feeding frenzy. This is going to be really hard since processed foods are everywhere and fast food is cheap and convenient.


This also goes for dairy products like milk, cheese, whey, yogurt and the like. This is because dairy products are often loaded with sugar (feeds parasites) and are often times pasteurized to kill off the good and bad threats and enzymes (needed for proper digestion) which causes more harm than good.


There are plenty of other non-dairy alternatives like organic coconut milk, organic almond milk, and other nut milks that you can use in its place.


The key is to reduce or ideally eliminate the trigger for the health issues and add in more of the good stuff that addresses the root cause. This is a double edge sword that can help you slice through the situation more effectively.


2.) Using the Natural Solutions above consistently and in the proper amounts. This is important because other synthetic solutions can include resistance build up, side effects, and only manage the symptoms.


You want something that actually addresses the root cause and address the threat head on instead of beating around the bush or causing more harm than good in the long run.


Knowing what quantities to take and how often is something that you can learn by signing up for my FREE 30 Day Parasite Cleanse Guide.


3.) Eating more live and whole foods is critical. Cutting out the bad stuff is fine and dandy, but if you don’t add enough of the good stuff then your body will suffer in a different way.


Getting the vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and building blocks is the key for strengthening your immune system and weathering the storm of the parasites or their toxic waste byproducts.


This doesn’t mean going vegan, vegetarian, or paleo. But this does mean trying to eat more foods in their natural whole food state with little to no processing. Some of the big watchouts are pork (I would try and stay away from meats in general during a cleanse), shellfish (like sushi), and contaminated water (more in 3rd world countries).


Top 10 Benefits Of This Parasite Cleanse For Humans

1.) Increases your energy (less time giving food to them and more time giving nourishment to yourself)


2.) Improves your brain function (when you are running the show on what you eat instead of them, this can be powerful)Parasite Cleanse For Humans


3.) Less aches and abdominal discomfort (they get flushed out with all their toxins too)


4.) Reduces your food cravings (this includes processed foods and processed sugars)


5.) Improves your digestion (it’s a lot easier to pass through waste when it’s just yours)


6.) Balanced weight (the parasites and their waste products can free up a lot of space inside of you)


7.) Cleanses your organs (the natural solutions that I talked about earlier help with this a lot)


8.) Feel lighter (when you combine this with a more whole food and plant based lifestyle, a lot of stuff passes through you that you never thought possible before)


9.) Feel less stress (when you only have to worry about eating for 1 person then it frees up a lot of head space)


10.) Strengthen your immune system (this is a byproduct of kicking the freeloaders out and adding the good stuff in)


In Summary

Finding the right parasite cleanse can be challenging but it is doable with a little research, support, and natural supplements that you can take. 


I found that a natural approach is the best solution since it provides a safe, effective, and more affordable way to address parasites.


I included this in a FREE 30 Day Parasite Cleanse Guide that lists all the natural solutions from this blog in more detail (i.e. what they actually are) plus other bonuses as well.


What Are My Next Steps?

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