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The Best Onboarding Process For Essential Oils

The Best Onboarding Process For Essential Oils IG 2

An onboarding process can make or break your experience with an organization or mentor. It’s important to feel like you are in good hands and that they are genuinely looking out for your best interest. By the end of this blog post, you’ll see why this is the best essential oil training that you’ll ever get.

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The Top 3 Problems With Training These Days
1.) Unclear Guidelines & Expectations: You ever have to read a really long manual or get no training at all. These two extremes are no fun. Going over exactly what you need to know to be successful is more important than feeling like you have to figure everything out on your own.

Expectations are little more tricky. If they are unstated, then some people expect you to read their mind then criticize you for not doing what they thought you should do or critique you for you making the same mistake twice without a grace period of kindness and patience. You need clear guidelines so everyone’s on the same page.


2.) Training & “Actual Work” Don’t Match: A lot of times training comes from people who are more removed from the actual work or haven’t done the work themselves. This can leave you with a sense of frustration or confusion when you encounter an issue you weren’t prepared for. You want to get info from someone who has traveled the road before you and is ready to walk alongside of you.


3.) Unfriendly Work Environment: Being involved in a negative and toxic work environment all the time can be a real drain on your energy. Surrounding yourself with positive and encouraging people is the environment where you have the best opportunity to learn and grow.


Why An Effective Onboarding Process Is The Solution

1.) Organized Content: Information that follows proven strategies and has easy to follow steps gives you the bigger picture of what to expect and also the details in order to execute key tasks with confidence.


2.) Relevant Content: Knowing how to best use essential oils, sharing oils in a natural and non-pressured way, handling objections or tough questions, and following up with people is some of the most relevant topics you can learn and is what will be given to you throughout your training.


3.) Well-Timed Content: Everything is self-selected and self-paced. That means you call the shots and determine how fast you want to learn the ropes and how much support you need to be successful with your own health and helping others. The nice thing is that when you are ready, there’s almost a limitless amount of resources at your fingertips.

Special Note: Keep in mind the best results come from people who build on their momentum and don’t delay on the steps below.

Step 1: Natural Solutions Class (Length: 1 hour)
Natural Solutions Class Handout IG In A Nutshell: Learn about the history of essential oils and a more holistic lifestyle of wellness
Topics Covered: What are essential oils, your specific health concerns, how to use essential oils, and the smartest way to buy oils
Ideal Start Time: Day 1
Did You Know? You get a Free Essential oil sample for registering for the class.


Step 2a: Wellness Consult  (Length: 1 hour)
Onboarding Process: Doterra Wellness ConsultIn A Nutshell: Learn how create your 30-60-90 day wellness plan and navigate your back office like a Pro
Topics Covered: Natural solutions for your health concerns, daily recommendations for products, how to place future orders with ease
Ideal Start Time: 2-3 days after you receive your essential oil kit (Day 4-6)
Did You Know? This is offered for any first month order of 100 PV (Point Value) or more as a complimentary gift ($100 Value).


Special Bonus Gift: Receive a Free Essential oils book with Free shipping for any 2nd month order of 125 PV (Point Value) or more ($35 Value)
Learn More: 2 Free training conference calls from top leaders each week and 2 facebook groups that are specifically designed to help you.



Step 2b: Essential Oils Live Guide (Length: 1 hour)
Onboarding Process: Doterra Live GuideIn A Nutshell: Learn about DIY Recipes & the Best Loyalty Rewards Program around
Topics Covered: Receive natural recipes for deodorant, bath salts, stain removers and more, an awesome 30-day detox program, and how to earn the free product of the month
Ideal Start Time: A few days after wellness consult (Day 7-10)
Time Commitment: 1-5 hours per week of self care (Learn to be a product of the product)

Did You Know? 5 PV (Point Value) keeps you in the Loyalty Rewards Program and 125 PV earns you the free product of the month.

Step 3: Essential Oils Share Guide (Length: 1 hour)
Onboarding Process: Doterra Share GuideIn A Nutshell: Learn how to share essential oils with friends and family and earn your oils for free
Topics Covered: Make a plan to reach your goals, share oil samples and your story, effectively qualify and invite others to learn more at classes
Ideal Start Time: Day 10-14
Time Commitment: 5-10 hours per week after receiving certificate of completion for this training
Did You Know? Placing a 100 PV (Point Value) order per month qualifies you for commissions when you share oils with others and they order retail or wholesale from you
Learn More: Join a Free Exclusive 6 week online training course on how to share oils effectively from top leaders.

Step 4: Essential Oils Build Guide (Length: 1 hour)
Onboarding Process: Doterra Build GuideIn A Nutshell: Learn how to supplement and replace your income by helping others share oils
Topics Covered: Learn how to teach classes, enroll people into your team, and effectively follow up to nurture your customers
Ideal Start Time: Day 14-21
Time Commitment: 10-15 hours per week after receiving certificate of completion for this training
Did You Know? Building effectively follows an “I do, We do, You do” training philosophy where you are lead by example before you start to do things on your own.

Step 5: Essential Oils Lead Guide (Length: 1 hour)
Onboarding Process: Doterra Lead GuideIn A Nutshell: Learn how to lead and inspire your key builders in your organization
Topics Covered: Learn how to guide, mentor, and recognize your team leaders through training and advancement opportunities that ignites excitement to help others
Ideal Start Time: Day 21-30
Time Commitment: 20+ hours per week after receiving certificate of completion for this training
Remember: Part time effort = part time results. Consistent and daily action towards your goals and remembering your “Why” are the keys to your success. Bonus YouTube training videos are also available to help with this!

Step 6: Receive Certificate of Completion (Plus Extra Kudos)
Onboarding Process: Certified Natural Solutions ConsultantIn A Nutshell: Receive an awesome reward for all the hard work you’ve done so far
Ideal Completion Time: Day 30
Extra Kudos: Receive a special shoutout on the facebook, instagram, and email newsletter for completing this training
Remember: The only way to fail is to give up before you’ve seen this whole process through. Be patient and you will see your personal development and belief in the product grow exponentially over time.


In Summary

Onboarding Process Learn more
An onboarding process is extremely important for anyone entering a new organization or training program. When done right, you will feel welcomed, accepted, and equipped to start contributing and adding value into the lives of others in the quickest way possible. You’ll be filled with an excitement that is like the energizer bunny because it keeps on going and going and going…


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