Top 6 Objections To Essential Oils

Objections to Essential Oils

There a number of objections to essential oils that I’ve heard over the years. The video below helps to address them head on.

Did You Know?

Over $6.5 Trillion is spent on global symptom management health each year. Are we really healthier as a result?


The Main Problem That We All Face

The effectiveness of essential oils and dealing with your own health concerns without side effects is something we’ve all come across.


Due to the monopoly of the pharmaceutical industry on our healthcare and the lack of natural solutions being the norm in the U.S. there are some objections that you could expect to come up.


Top 6 Objections To Essential Oils

1.) “It’s all a placebo effect, they don’t really work.” –  Try one drop of certified pure peppermint essential oil and tell me it doesn’t affect with clearing your airways or waking you up. 😉Objections to Essential Oils


2.) “They are not backed by any science and ‘facts’ come from biased sources.” – A great 3rd party public database that has over 15,000 search results for essential oils is the U.S. National Center for Biotechnology Information. I encourage you to check it out.


3.) “My friend said you cannot take them internally, plus look at the studies!” –  Learning who funded the study, did they tell you everything, and if the FDA approved internal consumption of the oil are some things to consider.


4.) “Quality claims are just a Marketing tactic, every company says they have the ‘best’ oil” – The U.S. has some of the lowest quality standards for food in the world and using a 3rd party quality testing process is critical to make sure contaminants and fillers aren’t in the oils.


5.) “Is this one of those network marketing, MLM, pyramid things?” –  Essential oils can be purchased retail or wholesale. Network marketing companies offer folks the opportunity to buy oils at a deep discount and share them with others for a nice referral bonus.


6.) “Do I have to ‘sell’ the oils?” – Most people just use essential oils to improve their health and some people do it for income. What’s nice is that this is a self selected and self paced process.


In Summary

There are many objections to essential oils and I like to say that they won’t help with everything, but they can help with something. Essential oils are natural solutions that are safer, less expensive, and often times more effective than synthetic drugs.


What Are My Next Steps?

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