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Great doTERRA VS Now Foods Essential Oils Overview

now foods essential oils

This doTERRA VS Now Foods Essential Oils comparison will give you some more perspective on what makes each company similar and different and give you 6 factors to consider as well!

now foods essential oils


Did You Know?

Gas chromatography testing was good enough to identify individual components in an essential oil, however as more sophisticated methods for developing synthetic essential oil products have been created over the years, further validation methods were needed to ensure you are truly getting a “pure” essential oil product.


The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know someone that would like to purchase some Now Foods essential oils? Would you like to know the difference between these two brands and what decision you should make? Make sure to check out the video below to learn more!


Top 6 Factors To Consider With doTERRA VS Now Foods Essential Oils

1.) Service: Free Education AND Personalized Support
doTERRA offers education on their website and from Wellness Advocates, which gives you more personalized support when you go with someone that you know, like, and trust. This will ensure you have the most positive experience and is also why I offer so much YouTube education on my channel as well.


Now Foods gives some basic explanations on their website of what essential oils through their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sheets, but the education is primarily left in the hands of the consumer.


2.) Quality: 3rd Party Tested for Purity AND Safety
doTERRA essential oils go through rigorous third party testing to ensure you are getting the world’s highest quality. Some of those tests include: Organoleptic testing, Microbial testing, Gas chromatography, Mass spectrometry, Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), Chirality testing, Isotopic analysis, and Heavy metal testing.


Now Foods provides safety data sheets for their individual oils on their website but doesn’t list which specific types of tests that they do at this time.


3.) Quality: Essential Oils Approved for Internal Use
Most of doTERRA’s oils are labeled with the Supplement Facts on the bottle which means they are approved for internal use. The bottle with the child proof caps on them would not be recommended for internal use.


Now Foods essential oils are primarily for aromatherapy purposes on their website and topical use is not recommended unless you dilute them or consult a health professional.


4.) Quality: Verifiable Batch Number on Bottle
doTERRA offers a way for you to verify the quality you are receiving on the website so you can see the GCMS test results for each batch.


Now Foods does not offer a way for you to verify the quality of each batch at this time.


5.) Price: Retail AND Wholesale Options Available
doTERRA offers retail and wholesale pricing. Retail is just if you want to get the oils and not save any money. Whole is great if you want to save the most money and make wellness a lifestyle.


Now Foods just follows a retail based model and offers their oils mostly at grocery stores or online. They are cheaper in price at first, but you are also getting a lower quality product.


6.) Price: Loyalty Rewards Program Available
doTERRA offers a way for wholesale customer to save 25-55% off retail, get their shipping reimbursed, and earn a free product of the month for being a loyal customer.


Now Foods just follows a retail based model so no rewards program is available. You are only getting a “cheaper” product if you don’t factor in doTERRA’s wholesale discounts and LRP opportunities.



In Summary

doTERRA offers essential oils that can be used internally, topically, and aromatically and are third party tested to make sure you are getting the world’s highest quality. Now Foods is a cheaper option if you want a lower quality oil and don’t want customized support and education specific to your needs.


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