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How To Use Essential Oils In 3 Easy Ways ?


Learning how to use essential oils is a great way to improve your health or the health of your family in 3 simple ways!


Did You Know?

You can use doTERRA’s essential oils internally by putting 1-2 drops in a glass of water, under your tongue, or into a veggie capsule to support your mouth, throat, digestive, & overall health! It can take 20-45 minutes to go into effect this way, but it is going to be more comprehensive. Topically relief (like on your stomach) can take as little as 2 minutes to start working but is going to be more direct relief.


The 2 Main Problems With Using Essential Oils

1.) What if I’ve never used essential oils before? 

Contrary to standard belief, this is actually a good place to start. You don’t have any previous biases or old habits to break. You can start from a clean slate and fresh mind for learning. 


2.) What if I’ve been using essential oils for a while and could probably teach you a thing or two!

Awww…so you wanna help me teach? I love company! 😀 Whether you’re an occasional user or if you use essential oils everyday (i.e. Veteran in the GAME) my hope is that you are able to at least look at the topic in a slightly different way. At the very least I hope to encourage you today (one of my favorite things to do). 😉


My Struggle and Old Way Of Thinking

Confessional time. In mid-June of 2014, I mistakenly put oregano on an open skin spot, put a bandage on it, and hoped it went away. I actually put 5-ish drops on the area WITHOUT a carrier oil. Can you guess what happened?


Well…it …got worse (who would have thunk it)! It ended going from a pea sized scratch to a quarter sized open area the size of a dime! One of my mentors, Candace eventually gave me a sample of helichrysum after she saw my sob story and felt bad for me.


The good news is that it started getting better within a few days and the spot completely recovered after a couple of weeks. Although I do have pretty narly dark spot on my left arm of where it used to be (don’t worry it’s only noticeable from close up).


Moral of the story: Learning how to use essential oils properly is critical to make sure you have a positive experience. I should have cleaned the skin are up a bit with warm water then used fractionated coconut oil plus 1 drop of oregano twice a day.


How To Use Essential Oils (3 Dead Simple Ways)

1.) Topical (aka Rub it in, Rub it in)

a.) Direct Application: This is just bustin’ out a bottle, taking off the cap, and putting a little dab or so on the area that you want. 1-2 drops are usually good enough since essential oils are super concentrated. Did you know that feet are the 2nd fastest area to absorb oils into the bloodstream?


Other quick areas include behind the ears (where my mom told me to wash when I didn’t listen to her growing up) and on the wrists.


b.) Massage: Who doesn’t like a good deep tissue massage now and then? I got one for the first time in 2014 at an offsite work function and it felt good and hurt at the same time! I walked feeling sore and relieved (if that’s even possible).


Anyways…back on topic…


Massaging is basically the stimulation of muscle, skin, and connective tissue using different movements to encourage better balance and internal repair. This is best done by applying 3-5 drops of your favorite essential oil and using a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil to really make sure it gets absorbed properly.


c.) AromaTouch Technique: This is a powerful, yet simple technique. It should be done by a trained professional, but if it’s getting done on you it feels good. Someone basically works the entire length of your spine down to your feet with specific essential oils. 


This helps with reducing stress (who wouldn’t love that!), boosting your immunity, and improving your body’s ability to respond to tight or achy muscles better.



2.) Aromatic (aka Breathe it in)

a.) Diffusion: This is one of the easiest ways to use essential oils once you get the ball-a-rollin’. I like the Aroma lite model because it runs for up to 8 hours (set it and forget it!).


Diffusion creates a fine mist with water to get the essential oils in quicker (tap water creates more of a “mist you can see” due to the minerals). This is the best way to positively affect your mind, mood, and sleep and starts to work in seconds.


b.) Direct Inhalation. This is the quickest way to use essential oils. You can put a few drops of Wild Orange or Peppermint in the palm of your hand, rub them together, cup your hands and breathe it in. It smell-eth good-eth.


The Wild Orange actually works extremely well as an all natural hand cleaner and the Peppermint works to clear up airways (mmm…minty goodness).


c.) Wearing A Diffuser. Placing 1-2 drops in a Portable Necklace Diffuser is also a great and practical way to breathe in the oily goodness. It’s a stylish yet subtle way to get yo oil on and truly “walk the talk.”



3.) Internal (aka Consume it – Only with CPTG oils)

a.) Sublingual: Subba-wha? Subba-who? Sublingual can be thought of as under (sub) the tongue (lingual). This is one of the most effective ways to use essential oils internally because the blood capillaries are so close to the tissues under your tongue.


b.) Capsules: Placing 1-10 drops of an essential oil blend like On Guard or even the illustrious Oregano is actually a fantastic way to address digestive issues where bad bacteria has run a muck-in-yo-gut.


c.) Beverages (aka Drink to your health!): Me likey this way. Me likey Uh-lot! I LOVE to put Wild orange in my green smoothies. They provide a nice citrus flavor and help to detox the body of toxins. Taste buds AND digestive tract wins. Score!


Wrappin’ It All Up

I hope this has been a refreshing look at how to use essential oils. There are many places to put essential oils including on your body, in your mouth, and in your nose (through diffusion of course).


You’ve successfully passed all the ways to use essential oils with flying colors! Nice work!


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